HalfBloodPrints November 2018 Subscription Box Review

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HalfBloodPrints is a monthly subscription service that brings beautiful fandom artwork you can display at your home. The subscription costs $12 per month, and you’ll receive an 8×10 art print, a bookmark, a calendar magnet, a custom sticker, and a lot more surprises. There will be a different theme every month and are based on famous books, TV shows, movies, etc.  A premium subscription is also offered for $22.50, where you’ll get a monthly shirt included!

The subscription now has different options for subscribers. Aside from the regular box and premium subscription where you can get a monthly shirt on top of the regular sub, they are now also offering the following options:

  • Regular Box + Tank top
  • Regular Box + Hoodie
  • Shirt Only
  • Tank top only
  • Hoodie only

The regular subscription comes in a poly mailer (the bag seen in the first picture above). The art is contained in a paperboard folder with an additional backer, so it remains in pristine condition.

You can also follow their Instagram account @halfbloodprintsmonthly for updates, theme hints, and more! Aladdin‘s fans will certainly be thankful for this box!

Everything in my HalfBloodPrints box!

Genie Shirt. Starting off this month is this gorgeous Genie shirt in blue!

It’s cool, and it’s all blue so all that they have to do is draw his face! I really like this happy expression of Genie!

Genie Art Print. Another Genie item is this art print, and this time, it got him whole although his face isn’t drawn. What is really noticeable in this print are the shiny handcuffs, earring, and hair tie!

Here’s another print that features one of the songs in the Disney Musical, Diamond in the Rough! Of course, it pictures a shiny diamond with beautiful writings of the song title.

Jafar Decal. The decal has the same art style as the Genie art print, as Jafar’s details are complete, except for his face.

Magic Lamp Cut Out Magnet. The magic lamp is the home (or prison) for Genie for thousands of years, and it also serves as the trademark symbol for Aladdin.

It resembles an oil lamp and it’s all gold in color. Unlike most ref magnets with bulky magnets at the back, this one has a flat surface covered in black, which will make it stick to the metal surface.

Aladdin & Jasmine Button Pin. The two pins this month features the pair, Aladdin and Princess Jasmine! It also has the same style as the Genie art print and Jafar’s decal. It looks like a watercolor painting with all those colors! Both accessories also come with a pin at the back which is used to secure them in place when used.

Postcard. The postcard features a grandeur silhouette of the Sultan’s palace under the big bright sun, and some words to the song A Whole New World.

Of course, at the back of the card are spaces for personal notes, address, and stamp.

Genie Play Card. The play card we got this month again featured the comedic guy, the Genie.

The back of the card has some info about the featured character! I would love to have that very same skill, to have unlimited cosmic powers!

Bookmark. The bookmark has some beautiful text on a background which looks like it’s painted with purple watercolor

Today’s special moments are tomorrow’s memories.

The other side of the bookmark actually features the Magic Carpet! I thought it will not be included but here it is! It features the beautiful design and colors of the Persian rug!

Aladdin is one of the best Disney Classics ever and we’re glad that they featured it for this month’s HalfBloodPrints. I love the art style they used on every item, especially those with character illustrations. My favorite is definitely the Genie shirt! I also like the decals and magnets and I’m glad to get the pin in pair, with both Aladdin and Jasmine! I am just looking for items that will feature the other characters like Rajah and Iago, but all in all, it’s still a good curation and I can say, one of the best boxes to feature this iconic favorite animation!

Now, for the shipping status of this box and the actual month – admittedly, we’re not sure! This subscription went on hiatus and we thought it wasn’t coming back, so we were pretty surprised to get more shipments (we have another one on deck, which we think is January).

What do you think of HalfBloodPrints?

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Wow your guests every month with new fandom artwork by HalfBloodPrints! Build a collection or swap out your print for a new look every month! Each month you will receive an 8x10 print on premium heavy weight matte card stock, a bookmark, a calendar magnet, & a custom sticker or other surprise, all based on a specific theme based on books, movies, tv shows and other awesomeness. Upgrade to premium ($22.99) for a monthly shirt!

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