Firefly Cargo Crate September 2018 Review

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Loot Crate Firefly Cargo Crate comes every other month and each box has a theme to a character from the show/movie. I had no idea what had happened to this box with all the delays but then I got both my July and September crate on the same day in January.

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Everything in my September box.  Again these are not Firefly items.

The only info in the box was this note. Thanking us for our patience and saying they are as unhappy as we are with the challenges they have faced. They also tell us that they have made changes for the subscription so big things are expected with 2019. This box has a value over $100 and is some of their Loot Crate favorites.

Let’s start with the box. LootCrate has some Firefly exclusive boxes but for these they sent leftovers. This is a leftover box that I’m assuming was from a Suicide Squad or Joker box.

The only Firefly items in the box are these stickers. They are duplicates of some we have already gotten but at least they are from the verse.

Next up is the shirt for this box. We got a Soul Caliber II shirt. I’m guessing this is a game but I’m not sure. My boys say this looks really cool but we don’t really know what it’s from.

These I LOVE! I’m a bit older so Gremlins is a movie I watched growing up and they are a hoot. I know the guys here want these Gremlins socks but I may have to wear them some too. They are just so fun.

A couple of pins. These were from January 2018 and September 2017.

I do like getting things in boxes and this crate was full of little boxes. First up are some Silent Hill coasters. I do think it’s a bit odd I got three in the box. Just seems like an odd number to get but they are rubber and will serve the purpose.

Another box in my crate is the Evil Dead 2 Superemoscenes Figure. This is pretty detailed and a nice collectible.

This is the hot item in the crate for my boys. They are both really into drawing comics so we are always going through notebooks with sketches and ideas. They are very excited for the Cells at Work Laboratory Notebook.

The inner pages have grids and titles so they will be able to keep their notes all in check. I was thinking of keeping this one but they got so excited I decided to share.

And the final little box in my crate is another artist series figure in the Alien Out for a Walk figure. This one just makes me laugh. It is so funny and will look cute on my shelf.

Once again Loot Crate sent a non-Firefly Loot Crate Firefly Cargo Crate? While I do like some of the items in the crate I still feel like they just went into the warehouse and grabbed leftover stuff they had. I also wonder if they did have items in the warehouse for boxes and only some of their thoughts didn’t work out why couldn’t we get those items and then fill in with something that makes more sense to the fandom.  Just overall not impressed. I really hope they are right and they can get their stuff together in 2019 and rejuvenate this crate.

What do you think of the new direction of this box?

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