Mine Chest November-December 2018 Subscription Box Review

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Mine Chest is the one and only official subscription box for Minecraft fans! It is licensed by Mojang. This box is a $23 bimonthly box + $7 US shipping. Every chest is filled with exclusive Minecraft goodies, including a full-color T-shirt, collectibles, toys, and more. The exterior of the box usually looks like a Minecraft chest, while the inside looks like a block relating to the current month’s theme.

FYI, this was supposed to be the November box, but they held it to coincide with the new level release. It was received in December, and wasn’t billed to us until it was shipped. So there weren’t any charges for boxes we didn’t receive – but we felt that the communication about missing a box could have been better.

The box is taped on both sides to ensure that the package won’t open during transit.

Every box comes with a t-shirt (with a full range of youth and adult sizes available) and are packed in a collectible and reusable box.

I think I’m seeing a cute little panda inside the box!

When inverted, the box transforms into a Bookshelf Block!

Everything inside our November Minechest box!

Poster. Each month, an exclusive Minecraft poster is included in the box. The posters are designed to match up, so you have to save them all.

This month’s poster completes the full action-packed scene of Minecraft World from July to November!

Written at the back of the poster is a story.

The Journey Continues! is the ninth episode of the third mission from Minecraft Destination.

The message on the poster is pretty long yet quite informative.

Stickers. Aside from the poster, Mine Chest also includes a sheet of stickers containing a variety of characters that match the ones on the poster. You can simply stick them to the poster, or on to the other items depending on your preference.

Minecraft Pin. This month’s Minecraft exclusive pin features an adorable little kitten!

This kitten is one of the characters you’ll encounter. It’s a well-designed pin that features a metallic edging that shines brightly when lit!

Minecraft T-Shirt. This month’s exclusive shirt is a black Minecraft shirt made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

It features a very captivating design of a group of kittens roaming, playing, and resting inside the room. This is in the new area, I saw my kids playing it!

Squishable. The last item inside the box is a squeezable Minecraft-themed panda!

Like any other Minecraft characters, this panda features a pixel-shaped figure.

This cute little panda is made from special pliable foam rubber, making it so lightweight, soft, yet durable.

It works pretty much like a stress ball… Simply squeeze it to release the built tension on your body and relieve self from stress.

Since it is made from premium quality rubber foam, it quickly regenerates to its normal form once released from being squeezed.

Squeezed or not, this squishable panda still looks so adorable. It’s such a great squishy!

Being Minecraft fans, we always get excited at the thought of receiving fresh Minecraft goodies every month. This month’s box shipped late but included a lot of cute items including a cat-themed shirt and a squishable panda. I also like how every poster is interconnected! All in all, it’s really a fantastic subscription box to try and we’re looking forward to more Minecraft items next month!

What do you think of this month’s Mine Chest?


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