Dollar Maxi Pad Club Review

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Dollar Maxi Pad Club is a subscription for women who want a fuss-free supply of essential feminine needs delivered every 21, 28, or 35 days. They provide activated bamboo charcoal pads, tampons, menstrual cups, feminine wipes, and more starting at $1 per item ($6 in Canada). On top of the chosen products, you can also add kits like the Pampering Package, Postpartum Package ($30), and a First Period Kit ($10). You customize your box with the products you need and want each month and then just sit back and never have to go to the store . There is additional $1 only for the shipping of all orders.

Everything in my box!

Mornings Are Hard To Wake Up To Art Print. Well, you know how it is right? At least, this art print understands us. Especially when it’s also the first day and you have a bad case of cramps. Hopefully, this art print’s green color can calm our nerves a bit when we are in a moody state.

The Pamper Me Package can be added on to orders for $6! It comes with:

-One Tiger Print Supple Sheet Face Mask
-One of our Latex Free Make-Up Beauty Blenders
-One full sized Hershey’s Chocolate Bar (because everyone needs chocolate that time of the month!)

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar ($0.78) This product belongs to the Pamper Me Package along with the tiger face mask and the makeup blending sponge. We are pampered indeed as chocolates contain magnesium that helps alleviate cramps and increase energy. It also contains happy hormones to put us in a good mood.

BioAqua Animal Tiger Supple Mask ($2) The inclusion of this mask actually made me laugh. We are so fierce like a hungry tiger when we have our periods and our hormones are going bonkers so we may have bad breakouts. One way to get into our good side is to pamper ourselves and have this mask on to make our skin moisturized, radiant and smooth. It revitalizes the dull skin, reduces wrinkles and improves skin resiliency.

After washing, wear the mask and follow the openings as the guide. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and don’t forget to massage the face gently to ensure the remaining essence is absorbed.

Dollar Maxi Pad Club Blending Makeup Sponge ($3) As I’ve mentioned earlier our hormones can be tricky and can cause our skin to have breakouts, we may need an effective latex-free blending sponge like this to blend our makeup to perfection. As the tiger mask already helped us with the skin dryness and the breakouts, this blending sponge will help us cover them as it applies makeup flawlessly for even and smooth-looking skin. You’re getting a full coverage base makeup and has a comfort curve that fits perfectly in hand for controlled application. It’s washable and reusable too!

If you don’t feel like putting on makeup or not in the mood to put on an effort of blending anything, you can just squeeze the heck out of this sponge and make it as a stress ball! Or maybe squeeze it while you’re enduring menstrual pains!

Dollar Maxi Pad Club Cleansing Wipes ($1) We can stay fresh all month long with these soothing and all natural feminine flushable wet wipes. They are in small packages to easily fit any pocket or purse. They’re alcohol-free and has a light fresh fragrance to it with 10 sheets in each pack.

Dollar Maxi Pud Club Premium Menstrual Cup ($20)The menstrual cup is enclosed in a box with a peephole. It has to be properly sealed to maintain its cleanliness.

The menstrual cup is made of high-quality silicone to keep it toxin free, antimicrobial, odor free, and allergy free. It has four ventilation holes for easy removal and is environmentally friendly. You may not want to leave this lying around and the small hot pink drawstring pouch is just the perfect camouflage.

Dollar Maxi Pad Club Compact Tampons In Light, Normal & Super ($9) They sent 3 tampons according to the kind of menstrual flow you are having. It ranges from Lite (light flow), Normal (normal flow) to Super (heavy flow). We are fully secured as their Super Premium Compact Pearl Applicator Tampons can absorb between 9 to 12 grams.

They each have 8 count tampons that are latex free, fragrance-free, and lotion free.

These are small and effective as it can go compact to full-sized in one easy click. The pearl applicator is smoothly designed for easy and quick insertion and are as comfortable as a regular brand name tampon. They expand all around to give you full protection. I have had no leakage issues using their brand of tampons!

DMC Pantyliners ($1) The 20 pads per package which is featured on Woman’s World is ultra-thin and soft pantyliners that are 6 inches long and can absorb up to 80 ml.

DMC Heavy Night Pads ($3) These dan’t chafe the skin and absorbs and locks in flow in under one second. Same with the pantyliners, it is ultra-thin and super soft but twice as long as it is 12 inches long and can absorb up to 120ml. It contains 10 pads per package.

DMC Regular Day Pads ($3) It also contains 10 pads per package. They have regularly sized ultra thin and soft pads with 9 inches long and absorb up to 100ml good and fit for everyday wear.

The Charcoal Bamboo and Anion Strip blocks odor naturally, can help alleviate cramping, and kills bacteria. The Charcoal Strip possesses a negative ionic charge. That’s important since most of the toxins and pollutants in your body possess a positive ionic charge. Toxins are drawn to charcoal and eliminated from the body naturally.

This is the what the pad looks like. The pad has an adhesive and attached to a breathable cloth, folded neatly, and sealed with a blue sticker.

This is what the DMC Heavy Night pad is like upon opening. It is long enough to make you feel secure and to move freely while having a good night’s sleep without worrying about staining the sheets.

This is my first box and I think they sent one of every product they have. I don’t have the reason to run out of pads anymore and there’s no reason to be cranky about what kind of pad suits me because you can get one of every kind easily and inexpensively. It’s fast and convenient. It’s definitely more fun with the Pamper Me Package added to the subscription and all products are ensured to be high quality and safe. There are no dyes, chemicals, chlorine or toxins used in their products.

What do you think of the Dollar Maxi Pad Club?

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