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Bookcase.Club sends hand-selected books to your door for less than $15 including shipping per month. With eight different reader options, there is something for everyone. I picked the thrill seeker case: mystery/thriller books. This box contains two books, one hardcover and a paperback and as well as a card with a quick description of each.

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Watching Edie by Camilla Way ($19.98)

“Compelling, dark and intense, this story of a friendship gone wrong will keep you guessing until the end.”—B. A. Paris, New York Times bestselling author of Behind Closed Doors

For fans of The Widow and The Girl on the Train: A dazzling work of psychological suspense that weaves together the past and present of the twisted friendship of two women.

Edie was the kind of girl who caused a stir when she walked into your life. And she had dreams back then—but she soon learned that things don’t always turn out the way you want them to.

Now, at thirty-three, Edie is working as a waitress, pregnant and alone. And when she becomes overwhelmed by the needs of her new baby and sinks into a bleak despair, she thinks that there’s no one to turn to…

But someone’s been watching Edie, waiting for the chance to prove once again what a perfect friend she can be. And Edie’s about to learn a new lesson: those who have hurt us deeply—or who we have hurt—never let us go, not entirely…

I cannot wait to read this! Women can be callous and downright mean so I am very interested to see how Edie’s ex-friend is going to get payback. In real life I avoid drama like the plague, however, I love a lot of drama in my books and if there is an ulterior motive that’s even better.

Revolver by Duane Swierczynski ($15.09)


Three generations torn apart–by bullets fired fifty years ago.

Philadelphia, 1965: Two street cops–one black, one white–are gunned down in a corner bar. One of the fallen officers, Stan Walczak, leaves behind a 12-year-old boy, Jimmy.

Philadelphia, 1995: Homicide detective Jim Walczak learns that his father’s alleged killer, Terrill Lee Stanton, has been sprung from prison. Jim stalks the ex-con, hoping to finally learn the truth.

Philadelphia, 2015: Jim’s daughter Audrey, a forensic science student, re-opens her grandfather’s murder for a research paper. But as Audrey digs deeper, she comes to realize that Stanton probably didn’t pull the trigger–and her father may have made a horrible mistake…

A family mystery that’s going to take multiple generations to figure out, be still my heart! I have a sick fascination with criminal investigations, therefore, I will be reading this book first. I just hope that I can figure out who done it before the main character.

When I started reading for fun I started with mysteries and over the years I’ve branched out but I have come to realize that thrillers are easily my favorite. I’ve enjoyed seeing what different writers do to throw me off the beaten path. Most importantly I like to see if I can guess who is to blame for the crime and what the motive is. I am so glad that keeps new authors coming to my door with a nice monthly price tag.

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  • Deb

    I read “Watching Edie” and really liked it! Just wait, there is a super surprising twist at the end…