Tuga Box Subscription Box Review – October 2018

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Tuga Box is a surprise box of Portuguese products directly from Portugal! for 30€ a month, you’ll receive 5 to 7 Portuguese products, selected for those who live far from Portugal and want to remember the taste and smells of Portugal.

Everything came in a cardboard box with a minimal amount of packaging. Nothing in the box was fragile, so it wasn’t an issue.

The box comes with a list of the items, both in Portuguese and in English.

The first thing I spotted in the box was this little bag with a handwritten message.

In your first Tuga Box, you get the product that started it all.

Candies! Flocos de Neve (translated to Snowflakes). They are like little milky sweet hard candies, not mint flavored as one would expect.

Everything else in the box!

Coffee and Mustard!

Nicola Cafés is a ground roasted coffee with lots of flavor.

Paladin Mostarda This mustard is really good! I eat a lot of Dijon Mustard (grainy or not, just give it to me!) and some yellow mustard, and I found the taste and texture of this one to be in between my two usual mustard. It’s a bit sweeter though, so I think it would work well for a honey-mustard type dip, but it would need less honey. It also has a nice acidity from the vinegar. I really liked the uniqueness of this mustard, and it was great with pork loin.

Ramirez Bacalhau À Portuguesa com azeite, alho e piri-piri. This is cod with olive oil, garlic, and chili pepper.

I haven’t tried it yet, as I’m not sure how to eat this. With crusty bread? In a recipe? I need to check it out more, but it sounds tasty.

Pintarolas Pastilhas de chocolate de leite. Chocolate treats that come in a tube.

They are delicious! Milk chocolate with a hard sugar shell.

They are small and tasty!

Montaraz Paio do Lombo. Naturally cured Black Pork Loin.

I love cured meat, especially with some crusty bread and cheese, and these are really nice. They were thin with just a bit of heat.

I really enjoyed my Tuga Box. It was full of products I was not familiar with, but everything was tasty and like a little care package from Portugal. I liked the mix of treats, condiments, with something to drink. My favorite was definitely the mustard, but the cured meat was also quite nice!

What do you think of this month’s Tuga Box?

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  • Carla Beltrao

    I’ve just received my first Tuga Box (December edition) and it was such a childish joy of popping out of the elevator and see it waiting at my front door!! I agree with what someone else said already, I can’t decide what makes me happier, if the products inside that are so “us” and “ours” or the expectation of what will it be there this time? Loved it! Thank you for such a sweet idea and great customer service.

  • Catherine

    Thanks for the tips! I’ll try it with toasted bread and wine later this week! Maybe with a tomato/basil salad as well!

  • Rita Gomes

    Happy you liked it!
    About the cod: just put all the content on the tin over some cooked chickpeas or drain it and eat the cod and garlic over toasted bread.