Marvel Gear + Goods September 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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Loot Crate’s Marvel Gear + Goods subscription is the ultimate subscription for Marvel fans! This bimonthly box comes loaded with completely exclusive Marvel items including wearables and home goods for $36.99 per box. Every box has a new theme based on the Marvel Universe and is valued for at least $75.

The box is jampacked!

There’s Spiderman at the bottom! THWIP!

This month’s theme is THWIP! I love that this info card is basically a mini poster this month.

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There’s a card containing information about the items in the box.

Everything in my September 2018 box!

Marvel’s Spider-man game is now available, and it’s exclusive for PlayStation 4.

Also, being a Marvel Gear + Goods subscriber entitles you to an entry for the Spiderman Sweepstakes where you can win 2 tickets to Los Angeles, and a tour of Insomniac Games, and more!

Spider-Man THWIP! Pin. Taking another break from the comic cover pins, this month’s got the totally rad Spidey doing that THWIP! It shows our hero casting his web towards you!

It’s quite big for a regular pin which makes it a great addition to your backpacks, denim jackets, and it will gain much attention because of its superior quality print. It’s a fantastic pin!

Scarlet Spider Sleeveless Hoodie. Sleeveless hoodies are a fun way to transition to fall, and with this one that features our friendly neighbor Spidey, no one can ever go wrong. Channel your inner Scarlet Spider by wearing this comfy piece on top of any other shirt!

It actually matches what’s in the comics, so this is true to its form. I love the Spider symbol print on the center and the front pockets where I just can stash small items, eliminating the need to bring another vessel when I go out.

Secret Wars Spider-Man Phone Stand. This next item looks very special as it came with its own gift box with Spidey’s symbol too!

Wow! It’s not a regular looking phone stand and the design is just outstanding.  This phone stand is actually exceptional, design-wise! Tthis phone stand really captures the essence of Spider-Man. It’s totally black that features a huge web with the movable character on it.

Yes, it can hold my phone so this will definitely occupy a space on my desk!

I love how the color will actually go well with the other items on my desktop. It’s an awesome pick!

Spider-Man Web Pack Cinch Bag. THWIP! All my school goodies are ready to go for the day! This is totally how Spidey packs his stuff, right?

I love the intertwined web design which really captures Spidey’s character. The pull-strings on each side can secure whatever is inside and can also be used to carry the bag. Just swing it on your shoulder and you’re good to go!

The Many Costumes of Spider-Man Poster. As always, the posters from this box come nicely rolled and packaged.

The artist for this cool work is Matthew Waite.

The drawing features the different versions of Spiderman. Each looks like they’re emerging from the entangled web, which makes it look really amazing! The art itself looks like it isn’t digitally enhanced, and that’s what adds more value to the already fantastic artwork!

The colors are perfect. It has that old comic feel to it.

Definitely, this is one of my favorite Spiderman posters ever!

Marvel Gear + Goods captured Spider-Man’s essence through and through. The hoodie is good for fall in different areas, as I can wear it on top of any shirt but someone in a southern climate can wear as is. The pin is huge and it does stand out when pinned on my bag. As for the poster, it’s already a priced Spidey possession of mine, I love the artist’s take on the hero. The cinch bag is another cool item in this box and can be used for additional storage. The phone stand which is also a favorite because who wouldn’t want a functional item that can also serve as a good desktop decor? This box definitely has my Spidey-sense tingling in excitement! I thought it was a great box!

What do you think of this month’s Marvel goodies?

Visit Marvel Gear & Goods to subscribe or find out more!


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  • Humberto Guitron

    This might sound like I’m being too obsessive. I’m trying to find the exact shade of red in a long sleeve shirt to match the red that’s on the bottom of the hoodie, but I’m having trouble finding it and it’s kinda bugging me. Is there a name to this shade of red? If so I would like to know so I can just use it when searching for the shirt online. Any answers would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

    • Hello Subscription

      try cherry red or fire engine red.

      we do obsessive! 🙂