Amoda Tea October 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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Amoda Tea is a premium tea subscription that sends hand-selected teas sourced from small, independent tea companies. There are two choices of box available — the Original Monthly Tea Box and The Low Caff. Both cost $20, have free shipping to Canada/US (no international shipping yet), and you can also add on some extra bonuses like a perfect teaspoon or extra tea bags. They also have a tasty tea guarantee — if you don’t like a tea in your box, they’ll replace it in your next box!

This is a review of the original box.

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Every month, they send a super cute tea postcard!

I received some disposable paper filters to steep my tea, or you can use a strainer, French press, or other method.

Here’s the list of this month’s teas! I love trying new teas and Amoda always sends the most interesting seasonal  flavors!

All of my teas!

Halifax Fog I can usually link to the tea but I couldn’t read the brand name in the corner of the bag. This is a blend of Earl Grey black tea (which means it has bergamot for that classic flavor), Assam and Ceylon black teas, and licorice root.

When I opened the bag I could tell something was off, it smelled a bit like sour milk. I’ve encountered a similar smell before with granola so I’m not sure what it could be, but after steeping I could still smell it so I didn’t drink this one. Also, since I see blue flowers in here I’m going to assume that all of the ingredients aren’t listed since I don’t see cornflower (which I am think this is) on the package.

Spiced Pie I cannot read the brand name in the corner of the envelope so I’m not sure where you can find more of this tea. It has black tea, apples, orange peel,and spices.

It was so tasty and while I added milk and sugar you can get by without those additions. The clove flavor stood out the most to me. Very nice afternoon tea.

Tay Tea Kaapstad I enjoy drinking herbals in the evening and this one was just lovely. Rooibos makes for a robust base so if you are trying to cut back on caffeine then substituting this caffeine-free plant may help you feel less deprived.

Rooibos infused with vanilla forms the base while almonds and marigold petals add some flavor. It also supposedly has ginger but I couldn’t taste it. I didn’t feel like I needed sugar since the natural vanilla flavor is perfect and makes this feel (almost) like dessert.

Amoda Pumpkin Spice Matcha I’m not usually one who drinks matcha or pumpkin spice so I went ahead and tried this thinking I wouldn’t like it but was pleasantly surprised. The directions were a little vague (a little water, top up with milk) so since it says it makes 8 ounces I used 4 ounces of hot water and 4 ounces of milk. I don’t own a matcha whisk so I used a regular one. I didn’t add sugar or sweetener and decided instead to think of this as a healthy “soup”. I didn’t know what chaga was (it’s a mushroom) or lucuma (it’s a fruit) but the flavor was pretty good and I chugged it down for a hopeful immune boost.

Amoda is a good way to discover new tea brands and flavors. I like the flavors that they send and the quality is pretty nice. I’ve received this subscription for several months now and this was the first time I found a flavor that was “off” and I can’t say whether that was Amoda’s fault or that of the vendor.

Which tea was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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Amoda Tea

The Amoda Monthly Box is a premium tea subscription box. The Amoda tasting team scours the shelves of independent tea companies across North America to find unique teas, delicious blends and fun flavours. The Monthly Box offer a way to discover the hidden gems of the tea world, support the up-and-coming tea companies and taste the very best they have to offer.

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Get 40% off of your first month! Use coupon code HELLO40.


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