YumeTwins October 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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YumeTwins is a monthly Kawaii subscription brought to you by the same people behind TokyoTreat. Every month, you’ll receive an assortment of super cute and adorable kawaii products from Japan which might include accessories, plushies, figures, keychains, stationeries, and other collectibles. All items are licensed merchandise from popular Japanese brands. The box is $35 per month.

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The theme for this box is Magical Halloween.

Here’s a short overview of this month’s theme and what to expect from the box.

Inside the magazine is a list of items with pictures and brief descriptions.

This month’s featured item is the Spirited Away Origami Set! You can also take a photo of it with your YumeTwins box for this month’s photo contest and use the hashtag #ytspirit & #yumetwins.

Excited to dig in!

Everything in the October 2018 YumeTwins Box!

Nyanpire Clear File Organizer. Nyanpire is a black adorable cat who became a vampire after being abandoned. The clear file organizer features Masamunya, the white samurai cat who has a secret crush on him!

This clear organizer is perfect to keep my files in place. It can also be used by students to keep their homework safe!

Ghibli Cup. You can get either a Kiki’s Delivery Service cup or a Totoro cup. I got the former, which is perfect for the Halloween! Meow!

Here, we can see different poses and faces from Kiki’s pet black cat named Jiji! He looks playful and curious, but he’s really cautious, humble, and ready to help Kiki with anything. I love the floral prints on the mug too!

Kawaii Rabbit Plush. Witches and Wizards usually have an animal companion, and this rabbit plushie is just the right companion on your adventures as one!

The pompom rabbit tail is always so kawaii!

There are several available colors for this plushie, and I got this pure white which looks like a fluffy cloud or a whole bunch of cotton!

I can’t help but squish this darling! And look at that face… Can’t help but hug it!

Cute Cat Paw Gloves. If ever I decide to put on a cute kitty costume for Halloween, I’ll be a lucky black cat. I’ll certainly need this pair of paw gloves, right?  Look, they even included the jelly bean-looking part of the paws!

You can also get this in several colors, I’m glad I got this in the most elegant one, which is black!

BONUS: Nyanpire Halloween Stickers. Yaaaay! I also got a set of adorable Nyanpire stickers as a bonus!

Aside from Nyanpire the vampire kitty, there’s also the samurai kitty Masamunya and the angel Nyatenshi! My fave among the set is Nyanpire peeking from a coffin!

Spirited Away Origami Set. This month’s featured item is this gorgeous Spirited Away Origami Set!

You’ll get 20 sheets of paper that come in 4 different designs.

You can keep them as a novelty collection, or turn them into cool origami!

There’s Haku in his dragon form!

There’s Chihiro, Haku, and even No-Face!

This sheet makes me want to watch the animation again! It’s just timeless!

Pokemon Hand Towel Set (3 towels). Even Pokemon have ghosts too! But even if they’re supernatural, they’re still oh-so-adorable!

The set includes 3 well-designed washcloths. There are 2 possible sets: one is Gengar’s team, and the other is Mimikyu’s! We got Gengar’s!

First from Gengar’s team is the cutest Pikachu!

Then, there’s Gengar ready to lick you up!

And lastly, the super adorable Eevee! The towels are so handy, I can stash them inside my kids’ bags for emergency wipe-ups!

The items are not just cute but they’re totally functional too! I love the practicality of the inclusions, and that made this box a must-have each month. The animations and characters in this Halloween edition made me really nostalgic too, especially with the Spirited Away Origami Set, as this movie is one of the best! I love anything cute and this is the perfect box for me, and to all who just love kawaii-ness!

What do you think of YumeTwins this month?

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