Halo Legendary Crate June 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Halo Legendary Crate is the subscription box for the biggest Halo fans in the world. Every other month, you’ll get UNSC-approved loot like exclusive figurines, collectibles, in-game items, apparel, and more, for $34.99 + shipping bi-monthly.

Halo Legendary Crate is made to create the ultimate experience for Spartan super-soldiers!

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The design of the box actually looked like Halo-ish Egyptian art!

There’s more when you unfold the whole box!

As always, a poster is included and neatly packaged.

The theme is TRUTH FORETOLD! I love the high-quality Halo artwork! The poster measures 17×11.

The back of the poster lists all the items included in the crate, fleshes out the theme, and has a digital content code for Halo 5: Guardians!

Bonus! Halo Championship Series Premium Req Pack. This gives you access to digital content to enhance your Halo multiplayer experience.

As usual, everything in this box is exclusive.

The box came with a top secret data drop.

They are placed inside a string tie envelope.

Data Drop Files. These are the top secret documents that might aid you in your intense investigation. For your eyes only!

Plasma Rifle Pin. Every box includes an exclusive pin from the game. This month, we got a Type-25 Directed Energy Rifle pin.

The weaponry pins continue as they included this two-post pin. You can get either a silver or like this one, a limited edition gold pin! The Plasma Rifle looked like 2 birds facing each other, and it’s really a powerful weapon of the Covenant!

Navy Blue T-Shirt With Wraith Schematics. This month’s wearable features the Type-26 Wraith!

The Type-26 Assault Gun Carriage, nicknamed the Wraith by the UNSC, is the Covenant’s main armored infantry support/assault gun vehicle for ground engagements.

This shade of blue is a good choice too for the overall color of the shirt. The schematic design is great, especially with the in-universe notations.

Plasma Grenade Ice Mold. The ice mold came in a displayable box if ever you don’t want to stick it inside the freezer.

In this heat, we definitely need more ice! Good thing we got another ice mold in this box.

The Plasma Grenade is an energy-based explosive stored inside a smart-matter casing programmed to irrevocably stick to infantry targets. When activated, the grenade begins to vent its coolant, which destabilizes the small plasma generator at its heart. The resulting explosion is devastatingly effective, particularly against shielded infantry.

In this case, the “grenade” will also produce a coolant for drinks. And the only thing that could stick to the ice is your tongue if you try to cool yourself by licking it! It came in two parts that will make you the frozen grenade… I mean ice for your drinks!

Prophet of Truth Figure. The leader of the Prophet Hierarchs which led the Covenant in a brutal war against humanity is our featured Halo Icon for this month.

The back of its box has some info about the figure. He was once known as Ord Casto, a San’Shyuum who became the Minister of Fortitude.

The figure comes in two attachable pieces: the base and the figure itself.

The Prophet of Truth is widely considered to be the main antagonist for Halo 2 and 3, and the main enemy of Thel ‘Vadam.

The details on this figure are simply amazing! They really captured the Prophet’s look!

I like that the figure seems like it’s floating!

Ironically, Truth expresses a behavior that is the exact opposite of what his name suggests, as he often lies!

Covenant Weapon Crate Cooler Bag. Of course, to beat the heat and keep stuff cold, I will definitely need this cooler bag!

The insulated bag can contain up to six cans of your favorite beverage! I’ll just add the frozen grenade inside to keep them cool too!

The Halo figures from this crate can be connected at the base. Here’s everything we got so far!

This line looks more and more fantastic as we add another figure!

The items are well-designed and high-quality, worthy of spots on any collector’s shelves. I love the shirt as always, and the cooler bag is another favorite too, I can carry more beverages in it plus it keeps the temperature cool. The figures are always top of the line, and I can’t wait to complete them all. They’re all looking great connected to each other! If you’re a fan of this sci-fi universe, this subscription is a great way to get your hands on exclusive Halo items every other month – as long as the boxes arrive on time (again, this one did not!).

What do you think of this month’s box?

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