Amazon STEM Toy Club August 2018 Subscription Box Review – 3 to 4 Year Old Box

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Amazon STEM Toy Club is a monthly subscription box service that delivers age-appropriate STEM toy that encourages any child to learn through play. The subscription costs $19.99 per month, and the theme of the month can be anything from natural sciences to robotics. There’s always something new to discover in every box of Amazon STEM Toy Club!

There are three age ranges available for this box: 3-4 year old, 5-7 year old, and 8-13-year-olds. This is a review of the 3-4-year-old box.

The subscription doesn’t include any Amazon-generated introductory materials – just the toy in its commercial packaging. It arrives in the usual Amazon shipping materials – multiple age range selections usually ship together.

In case you’re wondering what’s included in the other subscriptions, here’s what they were for our family:

3-5 Year-Olds – VTech Pull and Learn Car Carrier Pull ($25.99) This is a nice educational toy for toddlers who are already in the phase of exploring new things. From the package itself, you can see that there are three smaller vehicles included in the set and some fun characters too.

This toy isn’t a STEM toy in my book, but was still fun. More on that at the bottom of this review. For reference my 3 year old turns 4 in about 6 weeks. He’s enjoying it but 5 year olds, especially older ones wouldn’t as a primary toy.

The back of the box lists all the parts of the carrier and the cars, as well as its parent-friendly features.

From motor skills to language development to sensory development, this toy set is beneficial to development.

We have unpacked the toys and this is how they look. There is the car carrier at the back and the additional three vehicles with their drivers included. They are quite colorful!

A frog, a chick, and a skunk are the drivers in this set. What I like about them is that they are easy to distinguish and can be a good tool for letting your little one familiarize themselves with various animals.

Look at how cute these little cars are! They are designed based on their driver, so your kid can associate which car is for which character.

Another feature of this Vtech toy is the CB radio where there are colorful numbers your child can push to hear various lessons. This is so much fun!

It’s cool that they have included a CB radio into this toy. Who doesn’t love to play with a walkie-talkie?

The speaker is located in the body of the toy. There is also a pedestal at the back of the truck where you can put the characters if you like.

It’s great that Vtech paid attention to details with this car carrier. Everything looks like they are in the right place.

You can place the vehicle at the back of the carrier as it fits perfectly.

The driver seat is big enough to accommodate the toy in it plus it has sensors that can be detected by the car carrier where it will automatically voice out phrases.

It resembles real-life car carriers that we see on the roads.

Guess who’s driving the orange car? Mr. Froggy seems right at home in the driver’s seat.

His fellow drivers are hitching for a ride!

Whether you are looking at it from the top, front, back, or to the side, this car carrier toy is the real deal. The inclusion of the CB radio is a huge treat for my little one because he gets to busy himself with the colors and sounds coming from the car when he puts it in place.

Vtech has included a User’s Manual in the box so you can figure out how to use this toy to the fullest.

It even includes illustrations!

There are instructions on how you can use each part of the car carrier from the CB radio to how your kid can interact with the animals. I love that there are flashing lights to go with the sounds because it is easier for my child to associate sounds, phrases, and names with these signals.

You will need two double AA batteries to get this toy up and running. The battery section is at the bottom along with the line that your child can pull.

Someone is busy at play! The colors are really fascinating even from afar.

Almost everything is removable or movable which, I am sure, is already a treat for my baby!

Now he has figured out what the platform is for. It’s so nice to see him warming up to his new toy!

Time to get all the cars off the carrier! My little one is still figuring out what’s next on his car carrier.

He managed to remove all the cars! He looks happy with his accomplishment and he even managed to bring the platform back up too. He’s amazing!

His siblings are joining in on the fun!

Amazon STEM Toy Club is a lifesaver for parents who need help when it comes to finding age-appropriate toys for their little ones. Even though I think this car carrier is a bizarre choice for this age range, I didn’t skip it because my kids have always been crazy obsessed with car carrier toys and this was no exception! Is it a STEM toy? Absolutely not! Tons of play value for us though!

What do you think of this toy set? If you received something different than our family, let us know in the comments!

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