Vegan Cuts Beauty Box June 2018 Subscription Box Review

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Vegan Cuts Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription service that sends 4-7 items ranging from unique cosmetics to luxurious skincare. Best of all, they are 100% cruelty-free and vegan, plus most items are natural and non-toxic! Monthly recurring shipments are $22.95 with free shipping in the USA (there is an additional charge for other countries). This sub is also available in 6 or 12-month terms that do not renew but that do earn you a discount.

Vegan Cuts doesn’t offer customization and sends items that are suitable for almost everyone. They promise not to send foundation or other items that match a specific skin tone and instead send makeup items that are as inclusive as possible with possible variations in shades. They also promise a value of at least $30 but have sent boxes that are significantly above that mark. Vegan Cuts sends deluxe “travel” sized or full-sized products and rarely sends single use packets.

There was a product information card that included a coupon code for a shop purchase and info on how you can win a free box by sharing your box on social media.

The flip side of the card listed each item and the retail value. The June 2018 box theme is A Summer Soiree!

My products were kept safe in shredded paper squiggles and one item was wrapped with bubble wrap.

Everything in my box!

Art Naturals Black Peel Off Mask ($13) Wow, a full-sized product!

Hmm, I’ve seen scary videos of people trying to peel black masks off of their faces, is this supposed to be similar?

I have a big concern right here – the ingredients on this package ARE NOT the same ones from the website! This says polyvinyl alcohol, propylene glycol, and charcoal while the website says corn starch, almond oil, and seaweed. Either way, this is supposed to “peel away oil, dirt, and toxins” but my skin is dry so I’m going to skip it and give it to someone with oily skin, and maybe a braver soul! I did apply some to the back of my wrist and waited (and waited) for it to dry. Some of it peeled off, some of it needed to be rinsed. My skin was red after removing the mask, similar to removing a Band-Aid.

Derma-E Vitamin C Brightening Clay Mask ($4) Another mask? This one has two different types of clay, glycerin, plant extracts, and brightening ingredients (mica, titanium dioxide) and you can leave it on your skin for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off.

Sense Shower Gel ($4.19) This is a brand that I believe they distribute to hotels and so the scent is rather unisex. I used it on a shower pouf and it lathered up well and rinsed away cleanly. Perfect for traveling this summer!

Modicum Birch Tree Water Spritz ($9.33) I’m not much into spraying things on my face but I did spray this on a cotton pad and used it as a toner. It has a light scent and worked well without drying my skin.

Puna Noni Plumeria Conditioner ($4.75) The card said subscribers would receive a lotion but I received a hair conditioner instead.

The ingredients looked good and included coconut oil, plant extracts, Hawaiian Noni juice, and a few other oils. I used it but it was kind of heavy for my hair. I prefer that shampoos and conditioners come in a set, but I think this was a mistake anyways. I think I will repurpose this as a shave lotion.

Manna Kadar Cosmetics HD Volumizing Mascara ($5.98) I thought I had tried most of the Manna K items out there thanks to subscription boxes, but here’s one I haven’t tried. It’s not available on the Manna Kadar site either, only eBay.

Since this isn’t available on the Manna Kadar site I also couldn’t find a list of ingredients and so I have to take Vegan Cuts word that this is vegan (Manna Kadar is a cruelty-free site but doesn’t say vegan, although some of their products list “vegan beeswax” as an ingredient). I thought it worked ok and compared it to another mascara and liked the results.

Well, I usually love my Vegan Cuts box but this one was kind of off this month. Two masks in one month? My skin needs its oils, although others may appreciate those items, especially in summer. A conditioner without a shampoo? I guess it happens but would have preferred the lotion. A mascara that can’t be found anywhere other than eBay? Hmmm. I liked the shower gel and the spritz/toner was nice too. I saw the previews for July’s box and it has me in a happier mood. My June box had a value of around $41.25.

What do you think of this month’s Vegan Cuts Beauty Box? Let me know which product you’re loving in the comments!

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