Literati Club Sage Box Review – May 2018

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Literati is a monthly book subscription box for children that works similar to Stitch Fix. For a monthly fee of $9.95, you’ll receive 5 books to try out for a week. You can purchase the ones you love and return the rest (in totally new condition) in the enclosed prepaid mailer (shipping is free in both directions).

You can get 5% off when you decide to keep all the books! There are also categories for each age bracket: Club Neo is for newborn to 1 year; Club Sprout is for children ages 2-3; Club Nova is for kids 4-6, and Club Sage is for those 7-8 years old.

This is a review of the Club Sage box. 

The Literati box upon opening.

The cards come neatly wrapped in tissue paper, with the Literati logo sticker.

The featured illustrator creates new artwork for the monthly themes. This month’s illustrator is Joe Todd-Stanton.

There’s a little Q&A with the featured illustrator at the back of the card.

This month’s art print was amped up in size – a full size print. Although I don’t love the monthly fee, this makes it more worth it.

The information sheet lists the titles with a brief description for each.

Your child is not alone! Literati is on a mission to widen their reach. You can share your kids’ happiness by sending their picture to Literati’s email.

They included a sheet to help us label the books, and make others know that it’s ours when we decide to keep them.

There’s also a listing of the book prices. If you decide to keep everything, you’ll get 5% off. The subscription has a $9.95 non-refundable fee. According to Literati “it covers shipping both ways, allows the curators to invite a new world-renowned illustrator each month to draw personalized bookplates and a unique print for members, and covers other themed surprises that are included in the box.” Apparently, they offered a 10% off the purchase of one book, 15% off two books, 20% off three books, 25% off four books and 30% off five books, when they launched, but that may have been off the MSRP.

This personalized card is sending me genius vibes right now.

If you have an idea, write it down. You’ll never know where it will take you. They even gave us a loot for it!

This creative poem says all the big things and inventions come from a small idea.

You know the topic is about science if you see this atomic orbital symbol.

It’s a thin pad of blank pages where you can write your ideas.

My kid loves the unique and cool puzzle pen.

There are two small silver balls that slides around the maze when you manipulate or move it around.

Literati wants to get to know subscribers too!

There’s a lot of books in store for us! I’m curious!

Everything in the box!

I Am Albert Einstein By Brad Meltzer ($12.71)

We can all be heroes. That’s the inspiring message of this New York Times Bestselling picture book biography series from historian and author Brad Meltzer.

Even when he was a kid, Albert Einstein did things his own way. He thought in pictures instead of words, and his special way of thinking helped him understand big ideas like the structure of music and why a compass always points north. Those ideas made him want to keep figuring out the secrets of the universe. Other people thought he was just a dreamer, but because of his curiosity, Einstein grew up to be one of the greatest scientists the world has ever known.

What makes a hero? This lively, fun biography series by best-selling author Brad Meltzer answers the question, one great role model at a time.

I am Albert Einstein. I will never stop being curious.

This book tells us about Albert Einstein, on how his curiosity and dreams became bigger than he is, and how he turned out to be a hero and inspiration for us all.

His story is translated into a beautifully illustrated comic strip to make the kids understand his life more.

It came to a point where it was difficult for others to understand Einstein because he was different, but this book wants us to realize that is ok not to fit into the norms. We will get to places by dreaming big and being curious.

This book shows a lot of multifaceted aspects of his life. In these pages, it shows his relatable side . Even geniuses have shortcomings and are happy with simple things too. His curiosity always makes a way to make every experience special.

High-Voltage Danger Lab By “Science Bob” Pflugfelder And Steve Hockensmith ($12.90)

Nick and Tesla are bright 11-year-old siblings with a knack for science, electronics, and getting into trouble. When their parents mysteriously vanish, they’re sent to live with their Uncle Newt, a brilliant inventor who engineers top-secret gadgets for a classified government agency. It’s not long before Nick and Tesla are embarking on adventures of their own—engineering all kinds of outrageous MacGyverish contraptions to save their skin: 9-volt burglar alarms, electromagnets, mobile tracking devices, and more. Readers are invited to join in the fun as each story contains instructions and blueprints for five different projects.

In Nick and Tesla’s High-Voltage Danger Lab, we meet the characters and learn how to make everything from rocket launchers to soda-powered vehicles. Learning about science has never been so dangerous—or so much fun!

It lets you in on the experience that you get to experiment on the things as the characters did in the book.

Here’s a glimpse of an activity we can do. It looks complicated even though it has complete directions and illustrations. The kids will probably need an adult’s help from time to time.

This is a good adventure book that incorporates storytelling with science. We ended up checking this series out of the library – my daughter’s read 3 out of 4 and my son is working on this first book.

Goldie Blox Rules The School By Stacy McAnulty ($5.59)

An original chapter-book series featuring the characters from GoldieBlox!

This all-new chapter-book series based on the successful toy line focuses on Goldie Blox’s mission to encourage girls to roll up their sleeves and get building! When Goldie Blox accidentally blows off the roof of her school, she and her friends Val, Ruby, and Li have to work together and use their creative know-how to rebuild the school. This 128-page early chapter book is a nonstop laugh-out-loud adventure and perfect for future engineers ages 6 to 9.

This is an easy read for my kids and very relatable too. They loved everything about the character named Goldie. She is confident, courageous, and smart.

The book has black and white illustrations that kept the kids engaged with the story. The leveling was off from Nick & Tesla – much less advanced. I knew it wouldn’t hold my 7 year old’s interest, so we skipped it.

Can A Bee Sting A Bee? By Gemma Elwin Harris ($8.43)

In the spirit of Schott’s MiscellanyThe Magic of Reality, and The Dangerous Book for Boys comes Can a Bee Sting a Bee?—a smart, illuminating, essential, and utterly delightful handbook for perplexed parents and their curious children. Author Gemma Elwin Harris has lovingly compiled weighty questions from precocious grade school children—queries that have long dumbfounded even intelligent adults—and she’s gathered together a notable crew of scientists, specialists, philosophers, and writers to answer them.

Authors Mary Roach and Phillip Pullman, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, chef Gordon Ramsay, adventurist Bear Gryllis, and linguist Noam Chomsky are among the top experts responding to the Big Questions from Little People, (“Do animals have feelings?”, “Why can’t I tickle myself?”, “Who is God?”) with well-known comedians, columnists, and raconteurs offering hilarious alternative answers. Miles above your average general knowledge and trivia collections, this charming compendium is a book fans of the E.H. Gombrich classic, A Little History of the World, will adore.

We can finally make our way out of those hard to answer questions from kids!

Well, it is hard to explain the things you don’t know. This is literally the answer to your kids’ out of this world questions, like why can’t animals talk like us?

Oh, look! They even asked Gordon Ramsay where he gets his ideas for recipes. My daughter read this one in a day.

Marcy And The Riddle Of The Sphynx By Joe Todd-Stanton ($14.09)

Kids will love this exciting excavation of ancient Egyptian myths as they follow along with the clever Marcy on a quest to save her dad from the belly of the sphinx!

Many years have passed since the tale of Arthur and the Golden Rope, and Arthur is now a world-famous adventurer. If only his daughter Marcy shared his enthusiasm for exploration…
Determined to bring out Marcy’s adventurous side, Arthur sets off to Egypt to bring back the legendary Book of Thoth. When Arthur doesn’t return, Marcy must follow in his footsteps. Can she overcome her fears and rescue her father from the clutches of the great Sphinx?

I’m sensing Tomb Raider vibes because of the daughter-going-after-her-father-adventure theme. The book is about the girl overcoming her fears and having a leap of faith to save her father. The book inspires children to come out of their shell, take risks for their dreams, and experience successes and failures along the way.

The illustrations on this book are top-notch!

I’m impressed with the details and also with how beautiful the color scheme is.

Every page is packed with lots of adventures that make the kids want to read it over and over again. This is the second in a series – we kept the first one from a few months ago and decided this one needed to be on our shelves as well.

Literati encourages subscribers to donate used books to children in need.

This is definitely a box curated for the curious and the dreamers, whether the kids want to be an engineer, a scientist or an artist. All of the books are easy reads and they’ve got a lot of interests covered. They also promote a good cause for unused books. Instead of having unread books lying around, we can donate and give the chance to others who are in need. Literati is making a way to make each other’s dreams come true one book at a time. I’m still not in love with the nonrefundable subscription membership fee model, but my kids are loving the books (even if we do check some out of the library). FYI – this box shipped very late – in June!

Any thoughts on Literati?

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