TeeBlox May 2018 Subscription Box Review & Coupon – Ladies

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TeeBlox is a pretty neat monthly t-shirt subscription box for a low price! You can choose multiple themes for your shirt, including Movies & TV, Anime, DC Comics, etc. TeeBlox has recently updated their model to give subscribers the freedom to get shirts for all their fandoms in one subscription — how cool is that?

Tons of categories to choose from — pick as many as you want!

If you have a fave character, you can let TeeBlox know!

There are now three levels of TeeBlox:

  • TeeBlox ($8.99 + shipping) — an authentic, licensed shirt chosen from the themes you have selected/
  • TeeBlox Premium (launching soon!) — the former TeeBlox model including a shirt, a comic, and another extra goodie like a pin, sticker, or accessory.
  • CommunityBlox ($8.99 + shipping) — a shirt featuring a design by a fanartist, which supports aspiring designers!

This is a review of the standard shirt-only TeeBlox, with only MARVEL selected.

DEAL: Get 10% off on your first box! Use coupon code HELLOTBX.

Here’s my shirt. It’s actually the exact same shirt sent in the Men’s sub this month, just in black instead of white.

The shirt is branded by Teeblox, which is new.

TeeBlox seems to be going through a transitional phase right now, as the curation has been a bit lacking — duplicate designs, wrong genres, and so on. Hopefully them moving to their own shirt production and branding means they’ll be able to improve this.

For people missing the extra comic and pin or sticker, the Premium TeeBlox is a few dollars more and guarantees you some extra loot. For me, I’m just looking to beef up my geeky shirt collection with some comfy, stylish shirts.

What did you get in your TeeBlox this month?

Visit TeeBlox to subscribe or find out more!


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