The SweetPeas April 2018 Subscription Box Review

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The SweetPeas is a monthly book subscription for girls who love to read, focusing on diversity and children of color. Each month, the box contains one brand new middle grade hardcover book, 3 to 5 exclusive items centered around the theme of the book, handmade items, and a collectible exclusive button to show off your book pride. The subscription costs $29.99 per month.

They ship monthly boxes between the 6th-10th of the month and estimated to arrive during the third week of every month. They also ship only within the US and subscriptions are automatically renewed, but you can also cancel anytime.

The box comes with white squiggles to keep everything safe!

The card features a beautiful artwork and quote.

Thousands of fireflies…

…lighting my path

At the back, it lists all the items included in the box.

Everything in the box!

Another SweetPeas card contains their website details and Instagram.

Bayou Magic By Jewell Parker Rhodes ($11.89)

If only Maddy sees the mermaid, can it be real?

It’s Maddy’s turn to have a bayou summer. At first she misses life back home in the city, but soon she grows to love everything about her new surroundings — the glimmering fireflies, the glorious landscape, and something else, deep within the water, that only Maddy sees. Could it be a mermaid? As her grandmother shares wisdom about sayings and signs, Maddy realizes she may be only the sibling to carry on her family’s magical legacy. And when a disastrous oil leak threatens the bayou, she knows she may also be the only one who can help. Does she have what it takes to be a hero?

A coming-of-age tale rich with folk magic, set in the wake of the Gulf oil spill, Bayou Magic celebrates hope, friendship, and family, and captures the wonder of life in the Deep South.

A captivating synopsis is printed on the book’s inside flap. The story is all about family, friendship, saving the environment, and a little bit of magic!

Each beginning of the chapter has a little illustration that represents it.

This is the back cover with an excerpt from the book, plus a couple of short reviews. The setting of the story, a bayou in Louisiana, makes it a perfect summer read too.

Bookmark. The bookmark is out of the Bayou Magic’s color scheme which is great because it easily pops out. It makes you want to discover the book’s contents.

The back of the bookmark is plain red. It has an orange ribbon too.

Collectible Maddy Button. Just like in the cover of the book, Maddy (and her pleasantly surprised expression) was featured on a button pin.

Firefly Necklace. This is my favorite out of the box, aside from the book of course.

I love the idea of a firefly necklace because it represents one of the highlights of the book. The fireflies were an affirmation that Maddy is special.

These are compact-sized games, perfect to bring when traveling!

Magnetic Travel Games. The first game is inspired by motor racing, but you need to roll the dice to know how many places you’ll move forward. First to reach the finish line wins, of course.

This set includes a motor racing-inspired mat, four buttons, and a dice.

The second game is Tic Tac Toe! It has a very simple and practical design.

First to get 3 of their assigned marks in a row wins! The kit includes a board, 5 X markers, and 5 O markers.

License Plate Sticker Book. It’s an activity book that teaches the kids about various US states!

The book includes license plate inspired stickers.

The kids just have to match the stickers with each state, and then write the capital below.

There’s also an activity that lets you draw the state where you live.

A full spread features the whole US map!

Insect & Reptile Tattoos. The insects and reptiles you can typically see at a bayou are featured on these temporary tattoos. We received 12, and our favorite is definitely the butterfly!

Magic Scratch Mermaids. Their images are hidden and you have to “magically” scratch it first to see the mermaid!

Earth Day Stickers. I get the connection of the Earth day stickers with the book. Maddy has to save her community from an environmental disaster and unleashed the heroism in her. Even the youngsters can save the planet. They can spread the advocacy by these stickers.

Mermaid Pencils. These are cute pencils! They do have a chrome-y design which is very fishy (and I mean it in a good way) because of the scales. My daughter can use this for the activity book provided.

I love the book and its moral story. It is very fitting because it is a coming of age novel. I just wish there are more ways for the items to represent the magical vibe of the book. Although the necklace was the hero item, I’m hoping as this subscription grows the other goodies will have more of a bookish vibe and connection to the book.

Any thoughts about The SweetPeas Monthly Book Box? 

Visit The SweetPeas to subscribe or find out more!


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