Pet Treater Cat Pack April 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Pet Treater is a subscription program that treats your cat every month with quality items like toys and treats. The Pet Treater Cat Pack is $12.99 a month plus shipping is free. The items are sent in a plastic bag but so far all of my items have arrived in perfect condition.

There wasn’t really a product information card, but I did find a card with the monthly Pet Treater Pick of the Litter.

The back of the card gave instructions on how your cat could become next month’s superstar.

DEAL: Get 50% off your first month! Use coupon code CATPACK50.

I found another card with some discount codes.

Everything in this box!

Buddy Biscuits Cat Treats ($3.16) Turkey is the first ingredient in here and it’s grain- and gluten-free.

Sunny seemed pretty eager to try these little morsels.

She looks silly when she eats!

Toy Shoppe Playables Loofa Spider Toy Hmm, I don’t believe I’ve ever encountered a loofah outside of a bathroom before! The rest of the toy is the typical soft plush with catnip inside. The loofah was pretty scratchy and I wasn’t sure if my cats would play with it or not.

Sunny tried to play with this but maybe she will try again later.

Sergeant’s Crazy Claws Flippy Fish is on a stick, which is important because when your cat is trying to catch something like this their claws tend to dig in to whatever is nearby, like my hands.

Check out his googly eyes! Plus he has rainbow colors and silver scales, so cute.

Toys on sticks are a classic for a reason!

I think the cord came off about a second after I took this shot!

Smarty Kat Catnip Mist ($1.23) I like using catnip spray to give new life to old toys.  I just spray it on toys when I want to put them back in rotation and see if the cats take the bait.

Pet Treater always sends a silly sticker and my daughter loves them.

If you like a no-frills bag of goodies for your cat, then check out Pet Treater! I usually get a toy on a string, which my cats always like, and the snack was something Sunny was willing to eat. The loofah was kind of hard but the catnip spray might make the cats change their minds about playing with that toy!

Are you getting this month’s Pet Treater Cat Pack

Visit Pet Treater Cat Pack to subscribe or find out more!


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