My Lemon Crate April 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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My Lemon Crate is an essential oil monthly subscription box. In each box, they send everything needed to make 3-5 complete theme-based recipes such as health and beauty products or items for around the home. You can DIY (reviewed here) or pay a little more and have everything ready to use out of the box.

My Lemon Crate delivers the tools to replace at least 4 mainstream products every month with natural alternatives. There is no greater luxury than finding and using a product that works like magic, is good for you and is gentle on the planet. We create a community of consumers who discover, create, and incorporate natural wellness, easily.

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Well, this box presentation is sunny and bright!

The inside of the box lid clearly stated which projects I could complete with the items in this month’s box.

First peek!

Everything in my April My Lemon Crate!

I found three recipe cards to complete my projects.

The backs of the cards were very informative! I review a lot of natural beauty boxes and am amazed when I find a product meant for the face or even the body that has some of these essential oils in the mix. A sunscreen with orange oil or a face oil with bergamot are big no-no’s any time of the year, at least where I live. I save those types of products for the evening.

I am new to essential oils and I don’t even own a diffuser but I appreciate the suggested blends. I received some essential oils to use with the recipes this month but the amount is very small. I think My Lemon Crate should fill the bottles with more oil so subscribers can mix and match to their nose’s delight.

There was also a guide to using essential oils. I would proceed with caution on ingesting oils as some of them may be toxic.

Everything in my box!

Heart Silicone Mold was a bonus item that is used to make the throat drops. You can also use it to make small ice cubes or it can be repurposed to hold earrings!

Lemon Cotton Pouch is used in the Wheat Berry Bag, a sort of heating pad.

The bag is held closed with velcro.

Throat Relief Tea Bag is used in the throat drop recipe. You can pick up a whole box of them here.

I have high blood pressure so I wouldn’t drink this on its own but I have no problem using it in the throat drop recipe.

French Lavender Buds and Wheat Berries also go into the wheat berry bag.

Organic Coconut Palm Sugar, Raw Honey, and Coconut Oil were provided for the throat drops.

Cupcake Liners, Cornstarch, and Baking Soda were in here to make Shower Steamers.

The essential oils used this month were in a drawstring bag.

Spills happen but luckily the oils were kept safe in a plastic bag.

Sacred Frankincense, Raven, & Jade Lemon Oils were in the bag. I recognized that the blends are from Young Living (I have several Oily friends) so I am going to guess that these are either Young Living oils or are supposed to resemble them.

The bottles had little stoppers…

…that you could just pop out. The amount of oils contained in the bottles was very little. I think they should put more oils in the bottles since it was hard to get them to come out in the first place and then I didn’t have enough to apply for several uses.

Here is my completed Shower Steamer! The recipe didn’t say how many to make but I filled three silicone baking cups up. I had a hard time getting drops of oil to come out of the bottle but eventually some came out. I placed in the corner of my shower and it fizzed but I didn’t really smell much so next time I plan of using some peppermint oil that I have and will increase the amount used. I also made the Wheat Berry Bag. I just had to combine the wheat berries and lavender buds and then pour into the pouch (a funnel makes it easier). You can also fill the bag with rice, corn, or beans. I heated it in the microwave for two minutes (I placed a mug of water in there too) and then placed a few drops of Sacred Frankincense on the outside of the bag and set it on my neck. It ended up feeling very warm so I placed a towel between my skin and the bag. I was surprised at how long it stayed warm!

I enjoyed my first My Lemon Crate! I appreciate that they took the time to share some information about essential oils and why a certain oil was used. The projects ranged in difficulty from exceptionally easy (the wheat berry bag) to a bit more effort (the throat drops are akin to making candy). I completed two of the projects but candy making intimidates me and I might try again in the summer when I have more free time.

Have you tried the Lemon Crate box?

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