Dollar Tea Club April 2018 Review

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Dollar Tea Club is a subscription that sends teas without artificial flavors. All of their teas are ethically sourced through direct trade, which means better quality tea while knowing the farmers are payed reasonable wages and treated with respect. Members will receive 1-4 teas of their choice every month along with 3 loose leaf samples. Subscriptions are fully customizable and can be changed anytime.

All of this in a mailer… I love that there is no filler just great product. Another great thing other than the honey stick everything is recyclable, earth friendly makes me happy.

Tea bags. These are wonderful, they hold a lot of tea and I can use them in my composter. The best part was no stray tea leaves in the bottom of my cup.

100% Natural Canadian Honey. Honey sticks are one of my favorite sweeteners. I actually carry them in my purse for a treat when dinning out with friends and for an impromptu cup of tea at work. I like plain tea but every now and then a sweet touch is needed.

Coco Loco. Roasted and toasted with a touch of chocolate, it’s like a candy bar in a cup. The best part of this tea is how it smells like summer. Green tea is my favorite so this blend really spoke to me, I will be ordering this from the tea shop.

Vanilla Caramel Swirl. A delightful blend of caramel pieces, vanilla pieces, hazelnut brittle and marigold flowers. This tea was like a getting hot coffee drink at the local coffee shop, only better no added sugar. This was the first tea I tried from this box and now I am hooked. Thank goodness for the teabags I received because I would have lost this precious gold to the bottom of my cup with a steeper.

Sencha Organic. I am not a sencha fan, it smells like dirty sea water in my opinion.

Dollar Tea Club is amazing! Like I already mentioned I love that there is very little filler packaging. The included tea bags are magnificent, it’s great that there are no staples and they get all the little particles. This is a great way to test teas out without going broke, or getting stuck with a ton of tea that is not leaving my pantry anytime soon. I can’t wait to see what is delivered next. This subscription could have me decreasing my coffee obsession (that was a terrible joke…I have enough hours in the day to drink both).

Do you like tea? What do you think of this tea subscription?

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Dollar Tea Club

Dollar Tea Club allows members to build their monthly tea subscription. Members will receive 1-4 teas of their choice every month along with 3 loose leaf samples. Subscriptions are fully customizable and can be changed anytime.

Ships From CA to US/CA.
Shipping $4.50 Shipping to US & Canada
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