Loot Crate Limited Edition Call of Duty: WWII Crate Review

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The Loot Crate Limited Edition Call of Duty: WWII Crate was a limited edition box from Loot Crate featuring exclusive Call of Duty: WWII collectibles, apparel & more. This one-time box from Loot Crate is now SOLD OUT and cost $49.99 plus shipping & handling.

Time to gear up. The Call of Duty®: WWII Limited Edition Crate comes with exclusive apparel, collectibles, and unique licensed products you cannot find anywhere else. Don’t get left behind, enlist now. Game not included.

Here’s a foldable info sheet that lists the contents of the box!

It also includes brief item descriptions at the back.

Everything in the box, except for a pin that was missing. Read on for the terrible tale about that one.

Metal Military Mug Remember the metal mugs the soldiers use during operations? This is it!

The metal mug features The Allied Star. It can be used for hot or cold drinks.

Anti-Aircraft Shell Water Bottle This water container is shaped like an anti-aircraft shell. It also features The Allied Star.

It looks like exactly like the real thing. You can put your favorite beverage in it and bring it with you while playing Call of Duty!

There’s even an inner lid where you can just press the button to get some water or coffee. Super convenient!

Tin art The tin signage features a Call of Duty propaganda-style art. It has an aged/vintage look that just fits right in with everything else.

Playing Cards The playing cards are to keep you occupied during breaks from your mission, or just in case you get tired of playing the game and want to have fun with a larger group!

Most of the numbered cards are designed like standard playing cards, but the king, queen, and jack cards bear character designs from the game. Too bad they’re not all super designed but I love the Aces!

Infantry Socks These comfy socks are a proof that you belong to the Infantry, as they feature the Infantry’s emblem.

The socks are light green, with a darker shade on the heels, toes, and cuff. It has a good fit, and the length is enough to wear with boots.

It even has a Call of Duty logo on the soles!

Call of Duty WW2 Zip Hoodie Perfect for the season (this was delivered around Christmas)! The zip hoodie features an airbrushed Allied Star emblem.

It has kangaroo pockets, large enough to fit both of your hands into.

Airborne Pin  Looks like a great pin!

The sad part is that, we didn’t get the pin. This box was delivered at the end of December. When we arrived home from the holidays, we opened the box to find the pin missing, and requested that it be sent to us. We were told there would be a 6-week wait on the replacement, which seemed extraordinarily lengthy – even for Loot Crate. At the end of February we inquired about the replacement, and were told that it was sold out, and offered an $8 discount on the renewal of one of our subscriptions. Not a refund – a renewal discount. Especially as all our subscriptions are on an annual plan we found this “resolution” laughable. I have the suspicion that when we emailed at the end of December that the pin was already unavailable and that Loot Crate’s original response was shady.

Getting Limited Edition boxes from Loot Crate is always a nice experience for us, especially when they focus on a certain theme. I can say it’s a solid crate with all the good stuff, but it was the way they handled the issue on the missing item that made me unsatisfied. I’m still looking forward to other LE crates they’ll send in the future. I’m just hoping the same incident won’t happen again. Or if ever there’ll be items that’ll be unavailable, an immediate resolution should be made, we don’t like waiting games. Otherwise the crate was solid, and I loved the water bottle!

Did you get a Limited Edition Call of Duty: WWII Crate


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