DegustaBox March 2018 Subscription Box Review + First Box 50% Off Coupon!

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DegustaBox is a monthly subscription box that brings your favorite food and snacks to your doorstep. The subscription costs $19.99 per month in the US and you’ll get a box filled with 10-15 products and goodies!

The brown butcher paper keeps all of the goodies nice and neat inside.Just look at the box! The green writing is fantastic and goes the whole way through.

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Everything in my March box!

My box was packed full again this month. DegustaBox does a great job of wrapping the glass jars in bubble wrap and keeping things from getting broken and there are so many full-size items in the box everything is all packed in and good for shipping.

This month we have a breakfast ready box.

The information sheets are always great and full of information on the included items.

Loacker Espresso Cookies ($3.99) – I always love getting Loacker wafer cookies in boxes and these are just as good. The espresso is a bit strong but it fits in perfectly with my breakfast theme and a great way to bring coffee into the box without sending actual coffee.

Great Grains Coconut Almond Crunch ($3.33) – A cereal made with flecks of real tropical coconut, almonds, crunchy flakes and clusters. My youngest saw that this had coconut and was all over it. He was eating it by the handful and said it is delicious.

Elmhurst Milked Brown Rice ($5.99) – This is the featured product of the month. I have never heard of milked rice and it gives you 20g of whole grain in every glass and can be drunk straight from the glass or used it cooking and baking. It is a great staple and can be kept in the pantry for an as needed time.

7Days Peanut Butter & Chocolate soft croissant ($1.49) – A peanut butter and chocolate filling in a croissant and one that we can take on the go and its still flaky? Yes please sign me up. This is great to have in my bag for on the go snacking when we are out and about.

Homebrew Quick Pickle Mix ($1.50 each ) – Oh my gosh these have me so excited. I love to do a faux pickling with fresh produce especially in the summer and it is getting to be that time. These look so fun and easy to use. Just add some produce, water, and the mix and wait for 24 hours and viola a pickled food we have.  I can’t wait to break these out.

Oreo Mint Creme ($1.69) – Thin mints are my favorite girl scout cookie and these remind me of them. So delicious and so great to have in the car. I’m always getting hungry as I’m leaving work and this would make a great snack on my drive home.

BluePrint Energy Tea ($2.49) – An organic tea fueled y high-functional tea blends and trend-forward superfoods.  Drink this tea to fuel your body with natural energy powerful superfoods.  The boxes contained a couple varieties in them.

Julian’s Recipe Belgian Pastry Waffles ($4.99 for a box of 4) – Belgian Waffles that are ready to go right out of the package. These are light and fluffy for a frozen waffle and were so delicious.

DegustaBox sent a breakfast themed box this month. While I’m digging the themed idea breakfast isn’t my favorite meal of the day so some of these items are a bit of a No for me. My boys did dig in and start eating them right away and I’m really excited to try out the HomeBrew pickling items. What a great and fun way to work more veggies into our meals without it being the same ole same ole. Another great fined from my box.

Have you tried DegustaBox? Did you have a favorite this month?

Visit DegustaBox to subscribe or find out more!


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