Beauty Heroes March 2018 Subscription Box Review

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Beauty Heroes is a monthly healthy beauty discovery subscription. Each box features one full-size product + sample items. The subscription costs $115 per quarter, and ships monthly. Beauty Heroes members with an active subscription receive an exclusive 15% discount on all the products in the Beauty Store.

March Beauty Discovery is Siam SEAS.

This month’s featured quote is from Jeannie Jarnot.

Loving more is a day-to-day practice, not a destination.

The box is filled with white squiggles!

Every month, Beauty Heroes sends a booklet loaded with information about the featured brand and items!

This month’s Hero item is Yen Heal and Hydrate Toner, while the Sidekick item is Morning Delight All-in-One Morning Cleanser.

Another page lists product ingredients, as well as a short history of Siam SEAS.

Everything in the March 2018 Beauty Heroes box!

Morning Delight All-in-One Morning Cleanser ($15) Oil-based but thin, this cleanser has some swirls of Plumeria essential oil when pumped. It’s also hexane-free!

I know some people doesn’t prefer oil-cleansing because of the feeling it leaves on the skin. However, this cleanser is very lightweight and it really grabs onto dirt, makeup, and dead skin. It keeps skin fresh, clean and well-hydrated. To use, just pump up into your hands and apply on your face. The smell is terrific too! The box includes a ritual that involves 3 deep breaths and meditating on things that will make your day exceptional.

Yen Heal and Hydrate Toner ($90) With top notes of cucumber, peony, ginger, vanilla, and frankincense, this botanical toner helps freshen up the skin and eliminate inflammation.

To use this product, mist 2-3 pumps onto cleansed skin before moisturizing. It can also be pumped over makeup to cool the skin and induce a dewy glow.

Unfortunately my bottle didn’t mist, and instead produced a stream – an unwelcome experience!

Please note that due to the density of the formula of Yen, settling may occur. We recommend shaking your bottle before each application. If Yen starts to spray in a stream, apply product to the palm of your hands and gently press into skin.

The above was noted on the product card – but I just don’t think that’s good enough. Here’s what their customer service had to say:

Regarding Yen – We actually noted this in the brochure, and in the announcement email…that the toners may not mist, and it’s mainly due to the temperature. Because the formula is thicker than just a floral water, in warmer temperatures, the oils are much more viscous and the toner will mist much easier.

Here’s what to do: Be sure to shake your Hero Product very well before using it (to distribute all of the amazing ingredients!), and then – since your product is spraying as a stream – you can spray the Yen Toner into your palms per this instructional gif (see photo at bottom of email) and rub your hands together. Then pat it onto your face to apply and enjoy it!

Even I didn’t get to the bottom of that email and was unpleasantly surprised by the squirt on the face! I’m also uninterested in applying the toner by hand.

The formula contains aloe vera and 27 botanical extracts. Aloe vera works to hydrate and protect the skin, while the botanical extracts infuse skin cells with healing actives and powerful antioxidants.

This toner also works in resetting skin balance after cleansing, which prevents further damage of the skin barrier.

I was really excited to try this toner, but for a $90 item this toner mist was a fail. I loved the gingery scent of the toner but did expect it to mist – the box even says mist 2-3 sprays and the Beauty Heroes instructions also guide you to misting. This is not a mistable product, which is disappointing because I just love mists. I’ll try this bottle with a different sprayer or pour it into another bottle entirely. Overall I still like this subscription and this was a rare mist miss, but packaging is everything for this kind of product! The cleanser is great though and I’ll try to make the toner work!

What do you think of the March Beauty Heroes box?


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