TopMunch December 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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TopMunch promises to take you on a trip around the world with their snack box. Featuring snacks and treats from somewhere in the world, it means a complete experience of a different culture every month. They also include a complete travel and cultural guide in every shipment.

There’s a note about the Happy Holidays, a splash about the culture, a playlist to help magnify the tasting experience and top phrases. This is just the tip of the enclosed pamphlet.

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The reverse has  details on the six included snacks and information about the referral program.

Asturi Foccacci Bites. Foccacci Bites are deliciously crispy and delicate in texture and can be eaten alone or paired with your favorite hors-d’oeuvres, dips or salsas. These were in the first box I ever received from TopMunch and they are still delectable. I true favorite that I splurge on when I can find them, thanks to the tasting experts (curators) of this box.

Mung Bean Cake (Banh Dau Xanh). One of the most in-demand items from Vietnam is undoubtedly the Mung Bean Cake. Apparently this cake is best served along with a cup of tea and is found in most bakeries in Vietnam. I am not a fan of this flaky Mung Bean Cake, it’s too dry for me and if memory serves me correctly I didn’t like this the first time it was brought to my door.

Glico Winter Melty Pocky. A rare seasonal limited edition Pocky that can only be described as heaven on a stick. Winter Melty Pocky are much thicker than regular Pocky, and the rich chocolate coating is designed to instantly melt in the mouth. Each stick is dusted in cocoa powder, to add to the rich chocolate experience. There is no flavor of Pocky that I haven’t enjoyed and Winter Melty Pocky has made me want to run out to the store and buy all of the limited edition heaven.

Bourbon Elise Cookie. A wafer stick sandwich that comes in two different fillings – chocolate and white cream. The white cream wafer comes with a rich vanilla flavored cream inside of crunchy wafer and the chocolate cream wafer is filled with choco cream. Simple, sweet and light, this is the perfect snack to eat anytime or place. I’m not sure I want to share these with the rest of the family, I’m going to hide them in the closet behind the winter clothes so no one  can take them from me.

Haldirams Gujarati Mixture. Gujarati cuisine is distinctively sweet, salty and spicy simultaneously and this is evident in this crunch sweet and sour snack. It’s a strange mixture of puffed rice, dried noodles made of chickpea flour, toasted lentils and peanuts along with mixed spices which give it a distinguished taste. Once again not one of my favorites but I am glad I got to try Indian food for a second time, it’s great to be exposed to items more than once to get a true representation.

La Florentine Soft Torrone with Almonds/Pistachio. Sweet delicacies have always play a vital role in culture and tradition of fine Italian cuisine. Italian desserts decorate tables at weddings, holiday parties and other family gatherings. La Florentie has an extensive assortment of torrone nougat candies, this soft candy is made with honey, sugar and egg whites with toasted almonds and/or pistachios all of which is enclosed in a delectably thin-wafer. This is ridiculously sweet in the most amazing way. Now I normally prefer my nougat chocolate flavored but I could eat myself sick with these Torrone candies.

December’s TopMunch was amazing! All of the products were fresh and I loved getting seconds of some of my favorites. My favorite was the Pocky, I know that I say it everytime Pocky is in the box, but if you have tried it you might understand. This box is a great way to sample treats from around the world that you probably wouldn’t be able to enjoy without visiting the country yourself, it’s also great that this is a best of the year box. I am still missing the tasting card that we can compare each family members reactions for each product. I’m really hoping that TopMunch can put together an exclusive all Pocky box, that’s just my TopMunch dream.

What did you think of TopMunch‘s theme this month?

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"TopMunch is more than just snacks! With the “Experience Box”, you can not only taste the flavors of different hard-to-find traditional food & snacks, but can also be exposed to the local music whilst plotting your route through different countries using our travelogue and using our language guide to help converse with the local people. With our experience subscription box, every month you will not only receive snacks but shall also receive a music collection to listen to (TopMusic), a travelogue to map with (TopTravel) and a language guide to pick up local phrases (TopPhrase). And the best part – you will get to visit a new country each month and be able to immerse yourself in its culture in its entirety."

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