January 2018 Stitch Fix Review {Maternity} + Try It Free Deal!

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Stitch Fix is a personal styling service. Your stylist will send you 5 pieces based on your profile for you to try on at home and hopefully fall in love with. There are no coupons for Stitch Fix but if you hit the jackpot and keep everything, you save 25% on your whole fix (read below for details).

This is a review of a maternity fix, and it includes a few plus size items.

Your return mailer is tucked right into the box. The styling fee for each box is $20, and shipping is free both ways. I put my return items out with the rest of my outgoing mail – couldn’t be easier.

Here’s how Stitch Fix works: fill out your style profile! This includes style, budget, what you’re looking for, and you can get as detailed as you want with the notes to your stylist. It really really does help to provide notes to what you’re seeking, and a Pinterest board if you have one!

Every box includes a set of styling cards with suggestions on how to wear the particular item. The styling cards have changed a bit – before they showed a dressier and less dressy version, now they’re featuring multiple sets of accessories to pair with the garment, or 2 entirely different looks, but not necessarily dressed up and dressed down.

I find the styling cards very helpful. I am not a naturally good-at-fashion person and these help a LOT. Even if I don’t keep the pieces I use them as inspiration – like my own personal fashion editor!

You will also receive a separate paper with a list of your items. You’ll be charged a $20 styling fee and shipped five items to try on at home. If you keep anything your styling fee will be applied to your order, but if you don’t, you will pay the $20 fee.

The styling fee is so worth it – I never go clothes shopping anymore. I just wait for my fix! If you keep everything you get a 25% discount, so it pays off to be specific on your style profile. You will check out and get charged through your Stitch Fix account. Return the pieces you don’t want in the prepaid mailer (free shipping!).

Everything in my January 2018 Maternity fix.

Lulu Julia Infinity Scarf ($38) First up is a crocheted infinity scarf in blush, a medium bright red-violet color.

It’s thick enough to keep me warm and it will look nice whether with a plain shirt or jacket.

Absolutely Velda Poncho Pullover ($44) This knitted v-neck top features a fun zebra print.

I normally like ponchos but this one is just too big for me!

Crescent Arela Hooded Knit Top ($48) Next up is a grey hooded top with pink drawstrings. It’s really soft and comfortable to wear.

I’d love to wear this when I go out for a walk but it’s too big, even for a pregnant lady like me!

It’s long enough to be worn on it’s own. I ended up keeping it for a nightgown.

Le Lis Lawrie Maternity Nursing Panel Knit Top ($48) Nursing tops aren’t for me – and there was no preference regarding nursing tops. I gave some strongly worded feedback about this entire fix – including the fact that this nursing top was the only thing that fit me properly AT 39 WEEKS, it would be way too big postpartum, and I didn’t want it to begin with!

At the back, there is a floral print that adds a little more flair to the top, if you’re into it.

B Collection By Bobeau Rown Convertible Single Closure Cardigan ($68) The last item in my fix is a dark grey cardigan that has a button on the upper right shoulder to close.

This is what it looks like when worn unbuttoned. It also has pocket on both sides.

Meanwhile, this is what it looks like from the back. This is so my style but was at least two sizes too large.

Stitch Fix continues to send clothes that are too large, which is baffling because I’m 39 weeks pregnant. The only thing that fit well was the nursing top (which isn’t maternity and based on fitting my giant form well currently would be too big after – and I just don’t do nursingwear) but I kept the grey hoodie for post baby hanging out. The poncho and cardigan and everything else was truly giant! I begged them to stop sending me plus size clothes and turned off maternity.

Overall my experience with Stitch Fix maternity left a lot to be desired. I’m not a tiny person with a tiny bump so I am having a hard time wrapping my head around why they had such a hard time fitting me. At 40 weeks I’m happily wearing my pre-pregnancy pants just shoved down and L and XL maternity tops and dresses from GAP and Old Navy. Since I spent the last 4 fixes begging for no plus size clothes, I don’t know why I kept on receiving them. And the crazy thing is I do sometimes wear plus size clothes but they ones they sent were all gargantuan on my frame! I’m looking forward to going back to my regular fix, pronto!

What did you get in your Stitch Fix this past month?

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  • Jenny

    OMG I agree with the look of this fix but I feel like they have no idea how to dress a pregnant lady. These all look like tents. Maternity does not mean plus. They are two different things.