DegustaBox UK December 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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DegustaBox UK is a monthly subscription box that brings your favorite food and snacks to your doorstep. The subscription costs £12.99 per month and you’ll get a box filled with 10-15 products and goodies! This box is always full of so many new things to try.

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This box is really decorated inside and out. While the outside has little food items on it, the inside is full of bright green words. Plastic wrap and brown butcher paper keep all the contents safe.

December’s Degustabox celebrates the holiday season. The information sheet provides details of all the treats inside.

The box includes two varities of Planters Nut-trition (2 x £1.29) 60g snack packs. I received the Energy Mix (chocolate covered honeycomb, brazil nuts, walnuts and peanuts) and the Protein Mix (peanuts, redskin peanuts, cashew nuts and almonds).

As with all Planters products, these are reliably good. I wish the Energy Mix had a few more honeycomb pieces (that’s just me and my sweettooth!), but these make a healthy and protein packed snack when on the go.

Sleep Well Vanilla Milk Drink (£1.75) is made with Jersey milk, honey and valerian – an herb traditionally used as a sleep aid. I tried this both cold and warm but I just wasn’t a fan. The milk is slightly sweet but a bit ‘off’ tasting to me. My husband drank most of this and he was indifferent to the flavour, thinking it was just okay.

Candy Kittens Gourmet Sweets (£3.00) is a British company producing quality sweets with natural flavours and colourings that are also gluten free. The Sour Watermelon gummy sweets have a nice watermelon flavour with just a bit of tartness. They are really yummy, but I already knew I liked these because I’d tried them in the May Degustabox!

Popchips Galactic Puffs (£1.99) are air-popped potato snacks in fun Star Wars shapes.

I tried the Sour Cream and Onion flavour, which was really delicious, as is always the case with Popchips.

Last month I tried Ryvita multigrain rye cakes, and this month I tried the Ryvita Lightly Salted Rye Cakes (£1.39). Both are high in fibre and low in fat, making a nutritious snack. I enjoyed the Lightly Salted variety more, it has a subtle taste that is closer to a traditional rice cake with less pronounced rye flavour.

Taking the Pea (£1.50) are savoury coated crunchy pea snacks. I recieved the Smoked Ham flavour in my box. I was a bit dubious about trying these because I’m not usually a fan of meat-flavoured snacks. I needn’t have been because these are very tasty!

They are really crunchy and sweet. I didn’t detect any ham flavour, and the smoky flavour is subtle, but I thought they were delicious and a real treat.

Coldpress (£1.50) produces juices using high pressure processing to keep intact vitamins and nutrients that are loss during heat pasteurisation used for most juices. I have tried a Coldpress product in a previous box and loved it, so I was excited to try the simple Valencia Orange juice, one bottle of which provides 120 mg or 150% of your daily vitamin C! This is a truly delicious and fresh orange juice with just the right amount of pulp.

Robinsons Fruit Creations (£1.99) are no sugar added, fruitier blends. I tried the Pear, Blackcurrent & Cherry flavour which was really enjoyable with lots of fruit flavour.

San Miguel 0.0% (£3.00) is the brand’s original alcohol-free beer. This is a nice refreshing beer with a slight bitterness.

Mary Berry Food’s Lemon & Mustard Seed Vinaigrette (£2.99) is the perfect way to dress a salad. I really enjoyed the zingy lemon flavour of the vinaigrette, which was complemented with just the right amount of whole mustard seeds. This is a very fresh and light tasting dressing – just how I like them!

The product of the month is Willies Cacao Black Pearls (£6.59), single estate chocolate containing molten caramel. I was delighted to receive the Sea Salt Caramel Dark Chocolate flavour, which uses Chulucanas 70% dark chocolate.

The decadent caramel centre is wonderfully rich and silk, but it is somewhat overpowered by the thick dark chocolate shell. Fortunately the chocolate is fantastic, so it’s really not a problem, as long as you love rich chocolate flavour.

This was also accompanied by some really cool information about chocolate production.

My box also contained Lift Matcha Instant Green Tea, which are sachets of tea granules which can be used to make a cup of hot tea, iced tea or blended into a smoothie. I tried a cup of hot tea which had a subtle and pleasant green tea flavour. I can see how this product is useful for creating fast iced drinks, but it is just as easy to brew from a tea bag if making a hot tea.

And last but not least, the box contains a nice Christmas bonus gift, a Degustabox tote bag!

The holidays are the perfect time to dig through a box of edible goodies with the family.  I enjoyed most of the items in the December box but the real standout was the featured product of the month Willies Cacao Black Pearls, which is a perfect indulgent treat for the season.

Have you tried DegustaBox UK?

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    Im 2 months in with Degusta USA and I love it.