Universal Yums November 2017 Subscription Box Review – Turkey

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Universal Yums is a monthly international snack subscription box. Every month, you’ll take a trip to a new country and munch on brand new exciting snacks. There are two sizes of box, the Yum ($13) and the Yum Yum ($25). This is the Yum Yum box, and it’s a fun subscription that we get a kick out of each and every month.

This month the treats were from Turkey!

These boxes are always so full and they send such an assortment of goodies to try out. I have them all opened up here but the smaller candies all come in a sealed plastic bag to keep them from floating all around and we got a great bonus item this month that you can see on the right.

The information comes in a booklet with the yums included and other fun information about the country.

This month’s introductory note says how could they not do Turkey for November. It also talks about all the differences in the Turkish culture.

The information book has notes about all of the items and their ingredients.

These books are so informative – it includes a bit of the snack’s history and how it might taste.

Hazerbaba Turkish Delights – I’ve heard of Turkish Delight before but I’ve never had it. I actually always think of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe when I hear it since that is what he asks for. Random but what always comes to mind. I was excited to give this one a try and let’s just say its not something I’ll be getting often. It is sweet and has a bit of a weird texture for me. I’m not big on jelly things through so that might be why I didn’t love it. Does anyone else love Turkish Delights?

Torku Pistachio Cikolata Bar – Universal Yums tells us that Turkey is known for their nuts and actually Nutella will only by their nuts from Turkey. So all you Nutella fans will love this one for sure.

Baharati Ulker Krispi Kraker – Chips! I’m a chip nut and they are the items I rarely buy as I would eat the whole bag. These are good. They do have a lot of flavor like promised so while I might not eat the whole bag in one sitting I’d get through it pretty fast.

Today Croissant with Thyme, Basil, and Olive Oil – Who knew that Croissants originated in Turkey? I like most people immediately go to France but nope its Turkey. I’m all for bread in pretty much any form and this was really good. If I had more I would love to take them with me for lunches to go with my salads. I can just dream of dipping it in my extra dressing.

Toffix Mastic – I read the description of this and wasn’t expecting much and OMG it was horrible. I felt like I was washing my mouth out with something disgusting. Now I need to figure out who I want to share the extra ones with.

O’lala Souffle Cake – Cake to go? Yes please! I took their suggestion and microwaved it for a few seconds and it was magical. It reminds me of cruising and getting chocolate lava cake and this is already cooked and ready to go and I wish they would have included a couple of these in the box.

Clip Sesame Stick – Crunch, crunch, crunch. These were very crunch and good.

Ibon Toffee – A yogurt filled hard candy. The perfect on the go pick me up.

Miniki Turtacik – This has a really strong orange flavor so as long as you like oranges you will love this little cookie with orange filling.

I mentioned above that the smaller candies come in their own bag. The bags used to just be clear but this month we got a branded Universal Yums goodie bag. I love that they do this and it keeps all the little pieces from getting lost in the box.

Elvan Banana Donut – I’m really loving that Turkey puts all kinds of pastries I would not think of in bags togo. This is a Banana donut and while a but strong on the banana flavor for me it was still pretty good.

Acili Ulker Krispi Kraker – More chips! This months box is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. These were a bit spicier but still ones I would eat again.

Torku Cocoa Helva – I liked this one but it is traditionally eaten at a funeral or when people are grieving so it feels a bit odd to actually like it. But how can you not like a fudgey, crumbly candy.

Miniki Milk Cream Chocolate Bar – A straight up chocolate bar. I could easily see this on at the register at the grocery stores.

Torku Sade Mevlana Seker – What a great yum to end our journey on. These are like after dinner mints in Turkey.  I would say it has a different flavor but I can see grabbing one of these as I’m leaving a restaurant. Just like when I do it here in the US some of the mints I like and some I don’t but I always finish them as we are leaving.

Universal Yums sent another yummy box this month. I was laughing when I saw they did Turkey for Thanksgiving and then I had no clue that I would like so many of the items. Delicious pastries packed to go is something I’m not going to every pass up and then add into that more chips and you’ve won me over. Oh and let’s not forget that chocolate cake. I’m not exaggerating when I say I might be dreaming of that cake. So many fun and different things to try but it gets my whole family out of our comfort zone and I really think it is helping me with my boys when we go out somewhere and have them trying new foods. They are learning that they never know what they will like until they try it and that is perfect.

The back of the information booklet has a clue for the next country. Clue:

This time of year, you’ll see dreidel and lights,
You’ll hear bells and the son of “O Holy Night”
Though our beliefs may be different, they’re all fun to share
Which is why next month we’re taking you everywhere!

Where do you think we are going? Next month we are going to get a spectacular assortment of Yums from around the World!

Have you tried Universal Yums? What do you think?

Visit Universal Yums to subscribe or find out more!


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  • Susan Burge

    Haven’t tried everything yet, but you’re right about that chocolate cake. That was yummy! Luckily, I got a variation on your box, so instead of the banana donut (I don’t like bananas) I had a coconut covered chocolate snowball cake with vanilla cream in the middle. Similar to the snack cakes we have here, but better quality cake. It was the same brand as your donut.