Squawk Box Subscription Review – December 2017

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Squawk Box is a monthly birdie care package of 4-6 bird treats, toys, and more delivered straight to your door. Because parrots, big and small, need a great amount of stimulation to thrive, Squawk Box will deliver a new selection of toys every month. Every crate is carefully curated to keep our feather friends happy and healthy!

The box is available in three sizes: Little Birdie (great for Lovebirds, Parrotlets, Cockatiels, Parakeets, Green Cheek Conure sized), Middle Birdie (great for Quakers, Conures, Senegals, Pionus, Timneh Greys, Caiques, some Mini Macaws & some small cockatoos), Big Birdie (Amazons, Cockatoos, Eclectus, and Congo African Grey sizes), and Jumbo Birdie (large Amazons, Macaws, Moluccan Cockatoos). The monthly subscription starts at $24.95 for the Little Birdie to $44.95 for the Jumbo Birdie, with significant discounts for longer subscriptions. Knowing that parrots have a long life ahead of them, and that they will destroy everything around them, the longer subscription is definitely a must!

Also, for each Squawk Box ordered, a percentage goes to parrot rescues. Not only do you provide fun new treats to your own bird, but you help other parrots as well!

This review is for the Little Birdie. My assistant reviewer is Kiwi the lovebird. She had her yearly check-up at the vet the same day she received her box and she got a clean bill of health (minus her feather disease). For an 11 year old female Lovebird, she’s still kicking!

Everything is hiding under layers of red and green paper squiggles, perfectly safe for the bird to play with!

There is no information on the content of the box, but you get a nice DIY Parrot Treat, a Did You Know about Parrot’s Feet, and the Rescue of the Month. For December, part of the money from the sale of each Squawk Box goes to Feathered Friends of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Mi.

As usual, don’t be fooled by her cuteness. The box was behind me when she decided to go check it up. But she flew as soon as she saw the camera. Sneaky bird! She loves her toys, and she knows the box is hers!

Planet Pleasure Fiesta. Perfect for chewers, this toy is made with all natural and environmental friendly material. Kiwi used to not care about toys without bells, but after a couple of month with Squawk Box, she’s actually liking them! She prefers when they are close to her tent where she sleeps at night, and she won’t play with it during daytime. Go figure. Birb. You can also hide little treats (seeds, nuts, fried fruits) in the criss cross section to turn this shreddable toy into a foraging one!

Lattice ball with bell. She likes it.

The blurrier she is on picture, the more excited she is. Then she threw it under my foot while I was sitting at my desk. The ball survived, but that was my cue to go play with Kiwi!

Super Bird Creations – Christmas Tree. Squawk Box always sends cute themed toys for our bird! This toy is made with straw and plastic rings.

Feathered Addictions bird Supplies – Mini Festive Maize Forager.  The wooden part under the basket is made of very soft wood, perfect for tiny but mighty beaks. The basket is full of foraging red and green paper, awesome to cover your floor with festive paper! The basket itself is made with palm paper. This is a nice toy with lots of texture to keep a bird busy in their cage while partying (yes, this one will go in her cage on the 24th of December).

Bird Preferred LLC – Holiday Fancy Donut Assortment. Half a dozen of donuts, specially made for Birds! Spelt, Millet, Rice, Oat flours, mixed greens, spirulina, and coconut oil. As usual for treats, Kiwi is suspicious of them. But we know of a Quaker Parrot who would do anything for cookies…

Goldenfeast – Whole Star Anise. Star anise have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, is good for digestion and urinary system. I usually put one whole in her seed dish and her pellet dish and then she smells delicious!

Kiwi and I love Squawk Box as it is great to discover new toys, and maybe new favorites. I’m happy to say that having new toys every month got Kiwi even more curious about new things, and less stressed out when something different happens. Even her Vet was impressed about how calm, friendly, curious, happy and healthy looking Kiwi was at her last exam, and I’m quite sure that new toys, and new adventures, helped it.

I’m impressed by the variety of toys available out there as Kiwi has been subscribed to Squawk Box for a while now and she hasn’t received the same toy twice! (But she received the Star Anise twice in over a year.) It’s fun to get a box of new toys and treats to discover, instead of spending countless hours at the pet store in front of a very limited selection to end up buying the same toy over and over again! And sometimes, your bird will surprise you by loving a toy you were sure it would hate!


What do you think of this month’s Squawk Box?

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