Pearlesque Box November 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Pearlesque Box is a subscription box that delivers full-sized and travel-sized organic, non-toxic, natural beauty products from around the world to your home each month so that you can accurately judge how each product affects your skin. Each month features a different organic, non-toxic, natural skin care line. This box is $39.95 a month and promises a value of $90 – and sometimes well over that amount!

DEAL: Save $5 on your first month! Use coupon code PEARL5.

For November the spotlight was on NIU BODY, a Toronto-based line that is vegan, cruelty-free, and made in small batches. You won’t find phthalates, parabens, sulfates, artificial colors/flavors, animal by-products, fillers, or added preservatives in these items, and they are made with 100% pure botanical ingredients and essential oils.

NIU BODY is unique because we carefully select the highest quality and most effective ingredients that benefit your skin. Whether it be for moisture, anti-inflammatory purposes, balancing oil production, and so much more. We do not use any chemicals or filler ingredients, and truly believe in our products’ amazing properties. We’re 100% vegan, cruelty-free and do our part to keep our environment beautiful by using recyclable packaging and focusing on sustainable ingredient sourcing.

The back of the introductory card listed each product, its retail value, and how to use each item. I like that Pearlesque also includes their own #pearltip for the products.

My November Pearlesque Box! Look at how cute the frosted glass bottles are! I’m a sucker for frosted glass bottles! I’ve only tried one product from this new brand before, and so I was looking forward to seeing what else they had to offer.

Note: All prices listed are in U.S. dollars.

CALM Lavender Toning Mist ($12) “This soothing blend of lavender floral water, aloe vera and witch hazel will leave skin toned, hydrated and blemish-free, while also calming your mind. Now who’s ready for bed?”

I love the short ingredient list, and boy does this stuff smell good! I chose to spray it on my fingers, then gently patted it on my face. I followed with an oil to lock in moisture.

GLOW Luminizing Facial Serum ($27) “This unique blend of camellia seed oil, jojoba oil, bergamot essential oil, and Vitamin E will leave your skin radiant and bright #nofilter needed, we promise.”

Jojoba, camellia seed, and bergamot oils give this a lovely citrus scent but a word of caution: bergamot may make your skin photosensitive, so I suggest using this at night. I don’t want my glow to come from a sunburn!

HYDRATE Moisturizing Facial Serum ($25) “Is your skin feeling as dull & tired as your ex? This moisturizing blend of pumpkin seed, sweet almond & lavender oil leave you looking like you just chugged 8 glasses of H2O.”

The pumpkin seed oil in here has all kinds of vitamins – A, B, D, & E, plus Omega 3 & 6 AND antioxidants! Almond oil helps give it some glide while lavender essential oil lends its soothing properties.

Makeup Remover Wipes for Normal Skin ($6) “Your skin may be normal, but your cleansing products should be anything but ordinary. With geranium and lavender oils, this makeup remover for normal skin slows premature aging and has a calming scent that leaves your mind as refreshed as your beautiful skin.”

I love these wipes! You get two large cotton pads in each bag, and they are soaked in the coconut oil/essential oil blend, which just smells fantastic. I used one wipe on my eyes and was surprised to find that it removed all of my eye makeup, even mascara. I used another wipe on my face as a first step in my cleansing routine. I followed with a creamy cleanser to remove the last traces of makeup and oil.

Sugar Lip Polish in Coconut & Piña Colada ($10 each) “Buff and moisturize lips with our delicious, tropical sugar lip polishes.” 

Sugar, shea butter, coconut & avocado oils, and natural flavors leaves no room for plastic microbeads, and who needs those anyways when this stuff works so well!

These glass containers are huge so these should last a while, although NIU BODY suggests using any of their products up within 6-8 months since they are so natural. These fruity scrubbers smell good enough to eat, which you can safely do, but I simply rinsed after my scrub session.

What a lovely bunch of products from NIU BODY in this month’s Pearlesque box! I’ve only ever tried the makeup remover wipes so I was happy to try their other products, although the bergamot facial oil worries me a bit. These were all full-sized products, no sample sizes here and I felt like each item was high-quality. I wish there had been a bit more variety. I thought two facial serum oils and two lip scrubs was kind of repetitive, and would have liked to have tried a cleanser and a mask. Right now that is the extent of the product line, but they plan on adding new items in the future. The value of November’s box was $90! I am always blown away by the value and the fact that Pearlesque sends full-sized items!

Head’s up: December’s Pearlesque Box will feature items from Skin Owl!

Do you subscribe to Pearlesque Box? What did you think of this month’s box? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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