NeuroBox Subscription Box Review + Coupon – November 2017

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NeuroBox is a new subscription box for your brain! For $45 a month + shipping, you will receive 5 to 7 full-size products designed to boost your brain health and ship them right to your door. Each item is shown to benefit one of three important categories for your brain health: Brain Power, Brain Pleasure, and Brain Performance.

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This month’s theme is Gratitude. Gratitude practice have tremendous effects on the brain, lessening depression, increasing levels of energy and determination, as well as developing a longer attention span. I should really get into this!

Every month, they include a Brain Boost activity. This month is to send a little love, with a gratitude card, an act of kindness, or just by hugging someone. Don’t worry, if you are last minute to send a gratitude card, you get two cute cards in this month’s box! There’s also a Monthly Neuro Prize, and all you have to do to have a chance to win the FitBit Flex 2 Fitness Wristband is to take a selfie with your box and share it on social media. Pretty easy!

On the flip side of the card, you get all the items information as well as their uses!

I like that we received an information card about why gratitude is important for our brain.

Natural Stacks Smart Caffeine. These pills packs a lot of pure energy, without dreading the usual crash from too many coffees!

Each pills contains 100mg of caffeine (about one cup of coffee) and 200mg L-Theanine (found in green tea). It shouldn’t give you the jitters normally felt after that extra coffee, so I might give it a try instead of drinking a third cup of coffee (I will never let go of my morning coffee, I love the taste!). The L-Theanine has relaxing effects, without sedation, making it a nice complement to the coffee!

Copper Cup Turmeric Latte Mix. These are so good! I’ve tried them before with plain cow milk and they were great! You can add any kind of hot milk, and even hot water as the mix already contains coconut milk powder, which gives it a nice smooth and rich texture. I like to have a cup when I’m sick for an energy boost, as well as a hint of heat (the mix also contains black pepper) and a boost of energy. My foggy brain loves it!

UliMana Coco Nectar Truffles. Chocolate! Who doesn’t like chocolate as mood booster, as an indulgent snacks, or just for fun? I’m not into eating a whole piece of chocolate, I like mine in small bites and these are quite delicious!

They are soft and velvety, slightly bitter (dark chocolate) with just the right amount of sugar. The ingredients are quite simple: a blend of Peruvian and Balinese organic cacao, organic coconut nectar, organic cacao butter, Celtic Sea Salt, organic vanilla. I can taste a faint coconut flavor, but it’s not overwhelming at all. They were perfect for when I got sick with a cold and I wanted something comforting that would give me enough energy to get through the day. They did the trick!

Kubiya Snake cube. First of all, this cube is adorable! It’s so small that it doesn’t take a lot of room on a desk. Puzzles are a great way to keep your brain sharp and busy!

When you open the cube, you get a long snake that you have to twist back into its cube shape. Unlike last month’s puzzle, this one was solved quite easily, while still being challenging (we are still working on last month’s puzzle!). This puzzle was interesting and fun as it has only one piece, so you can’t loose pieces while trying to solve the cube!

AwesoME Gratitude Journal. This is a cute little journal with a soft cover, with 100 pages to help practice gratitude.

Most of the pages have a couple of lines, perfect to list your gratitudes, or a sentence or two. It has a happiness metre on the sides as well as quotes and happiness tips every ten pages or so.

You don’t know where to start with a gratitude journal? You also get a list of tips and prompts to get you on it!

Yellow Daisy Paper Co Grateful Cards. This month’s Brain Boost is to sent handmade cards to someone you are grateful for. Well, say it with these cards. Literally! I think I’ll give one to my husband, as I’m so grateful that he loves cooking and that I get to share meals with him! It’s perfect!

Bonus! NeuroBox pen. You have no excuses to not start right away with your gratitude journal, or to write gratitude cards with this pen! It’s a simple pen, but writing by hand exercises your brain differently than when you stick to the keyboard.

I’m so happy that this month’s theme was a well thought out theme – and not just a theme to fit in with the season. The items were all there to boost our brain’s health, while still being grounded in gratitude. Sometimes, the theme is vague and you really have to think hard to make it work, but this box was embracing it. All the items were fun, useful, tasty and good quality. Also, has someone solved last month’s puzzle? I would really like to have a hint! There should be an online community for those who needs a bit of help with the monthly puzzle!

I really enjoyed that this is a box that could be gifted to anybody, man or woman. It’s a feel good box for the brain!

What did you think of this first NeuroBox?

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  • Deb

    This looks like a well curated box, and that puzzle looks fun too!

    • Catherine

      It is very well curated and both my husband and I really enjoy this box! This month’s puzzle is on his desk as he likes to have something to keep his fingure busy while thinking and the cube is perfect! Not only is it fun to solve, it’s perfect o just play with!