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NatureBox is one of the longest running monthly snack subscription boxes, and we are still subscribing! You can check out our reviews for the regular subscription in our NatureBox reviews page.

This is a review of one of the Naturebox holiday gift boxes.

We got the The More The Merrier Snack Box, one of Nature Box’s holiday gift box offerings. It is a collection of 20 sweet, savory, and spicy snacks, including chips and crisps, nuts, trail mixes, clusters, fruit, and cookies. You can still order by 12/17 for free delivery by 12/24!

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They often throw in some coupons or promotions.

Everything in the The More The Merrier snack box!


Included in this package are cute Naturebox stickers!

Peanut Butter PretzelsThese salty pretzel twists are popular among the kids, so we’re glad that they’re included in the holiday box.

Each piece is coated with peanut butter flavor. I like the creaminess of the coating, which perfectly complemented the crunch of the pretzel. No artificial ingredients or corn syrup.

Dark Chocolate Almonds. It’s another household favorite! The almonds are roasted and coated in a crisp turbinado and sea salt candy coating, then covered in dark chocolate.

They’re very good and the bite of salt prevents you from going whole hog on the bag. These are great either for sharing with guests at home or as a pick-me-up on long holiday travels!

Asiago & Cheddar Cheese Crisps. This is also one of our frequent reorders! The cheese is nutty and sharp, and the texture of the crisps themselves are like crunchier slices of palmier pastry.

They’re pretty much just flour, butter, cheese, and a hint of cayenne, so they are perfect for fulfilling cheese straw cravings, except we prefer the texture of these treats. Also, I think these will make an awesome alternative to chips for cocktail parties!

Mini Vanilla Bean Wafers. This is Nature Box’s healthier take on the classic vanilla wafer! Ingredients include unbleached flour, real butter and vanilla beans, and a touch of flax and whey protein.

The vanilla bean flavor is sublime and the crispy buttery result is impossible to resist. Pair it with hot chocolate and you have the perfect snack on a cold winter night!

Jalapeno White Cheddar Popcorn. This popcorn is extremely spicy. The jalapeño really stands out both in terms of flavor and surprising heat.

Whether it’s winter or not, we’ll always enjoy the extra heat this popcorn brings!

Double Chocolate Brownie CookiesIt’s a hybrid of brownies and cookies and it could have been great snack except it contains coffee, which is not my thing. We’ve said this in previous reviews, the inclusion of coffee should be a lot more obvious on the packaging since the flavor is pretty prominent.

My husband was okay with it, though. If you’re into dark flavors, this is something you might enjoy.

Sharp Cheddar Cheese Crackers. These crackers are a new offering from Nature Box. I like the rich cheddar taste, it’s quite addicting.

Ingredients include cheddar cheese, enriched wheat flour, and salted butter. They’re so tasty and perfect for cocktail hour!

Thin & Crispy Meyer Lemon Cookies. These cookies are a perfect balance of tart and sweet.

They’re so thin that they’re actually more like crackers. It might not be filling, but still a delight on the tastebuds!

Crunchy BBQ Twists. These twists are made of lentils, which means it’s not as fatty and greasy as the usual potato chips.

I love how crunchy these are! The sweet and smoky BBQ flavor is really good too, as it wasn’t overpowering. It’s nice to have a bag of these in stock in case of a need for last-minute party snacks.

Salt & Pepper Lentil Loops. Another bag filled with the goodness of lentil. These are tasty and crunchy, with just the right kick of salt and pepper.

It’s a light and guilt-free snack, and also a kid-friendly alternative to potato chips!

White Cheddar Caramel Popcorn. Why choose between sweet and savory when you can have both? The sweet-salty combination of this bag of popcorn is to die for!

Made with non-GMO corn kernels, a touch of brown sugar, cheddar cheese and coconut oil. Instead of overpowering, the cheddar and the caramel complemented each other well. It’s an awesome snack for a holiday movie marathon!

Mini Crispy Snickerdoodles. We love snickerdoodles and this bag didn’t disappoint. It crumbles in the mouth!

The cinnamon flavoring makes it perfect for the season. It’s a great snack to pack for school or work, and even when traveling over the holidays since it easily satisfies the sweet tooth.

Dried Mango. Some pieces were sweet, while some were a little sour. A little variation is always good!

There are dry, chewy and most of all, healthy! It’s that kind of snack that you can consume in one sitting without leaving you guilty.

Big Island Pineapple. These dried pineapples were yummy too! Sweet even without the artificial sweeteners, I think it will be a good alternative to candies for kids.

Also, the texture was just right. The slices were chewy but not tough. Never thought preserved pineapples could be this good!

Vanilla Almond Clusters. It’s the snack version of vanilla almond milk!

The almonds gave the snack a nice crunch, and the vanilla flavor was just right. It’s so satisfying to munch on!

Honey Dijon Pretzels. This savory treat was an instant hit in our household!

The sweetness of honey complemented the mustard very well. It tastes as good as the regular pretzel brands, but it’s way healthier because it has less than 150 calories and less than 10g sugar.

Sriracha Roasted Cashews. These yummy cashews taste sweet at first bite and then leaves the taste buds with a hint of spiciness. It’s a unique twist on the usual cashew snack!

The texture is awesome too. It’s crunchy and very satisfying to chew on!

Salt & Pepper Pistachios. A zesty protein-packed snack. The seasoning is just salt and pepper but it was so good!

If you enjoy anything peppery, you are going to love this. We actually prefer this over plain pistachios!

It’s a jampacked holiday box from Nature Box! The cookies and pretzels are perfect for kids, as well as the dried fruits that provide a healthier alternative to satisfy sweet tooth cravings. We also love their savory and spicy offerings and we think they’re great as party snacks. Overall, we were pleased with the variety and the quality of the goodies. This holiday box would make a great hostess gift too!

What’s your favorite holiday snack? Share us your thoughts in the comments section!

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