Prims Way October 2017 Subscription Box Review

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Prims Way is a jewelry and lifestyle subscription box that lets you choose the style that you prefer from 4 different profiles. Prims Way is $35 a month.

Prim is a young woman that has always wanted to travel and live her life to the fullest. Now that the opportunity has presented itself, she wants to tell the world, as she goes through her life journey she will write and share the things that mean the most to her. Each month, Prim will choose a selection of jewelry that goes with her story that month. In each box, the subscriber will receive a piece of jewelry of their choice along with three other items that meant the most to her during this time. As Prim goes on her journey, she will blog and share all of her deepest thoughts.

When you sign up, you can pick your desired style and ring size.

Oohh, that looks kind of creepy! I love it when I get something not-too-scary in an October subscription box!

The theme for October was Vampire Awakening and I received the Class Act box.

She is chic and sophisticated, who prefers an Elegant and timeless style to complement her love for classic fashion.

This box always looks so darn cute! Shredded paper squiggles and pink tissue paper covered the products, and it is always color coordinated. This month’s box was all about blood – oranges, that is!

Everything in the box!

Praim R.I.P. Rich. Intense. Pleasure. Chocolate Bar has a spooky seasonal wrapper!

Inside was a dark chocolate bar. This chocolate melted in my mouth and was very smooth. One bite was all that was needed to satisfy my chocolate craving.

Mighty Leaf Blood Orange Rooibos Tea Bags I love tea and was excited to see four bags of an herbal blend featuring rooibos (a South African shrub) and lots of lovely orange flavor. The tea was delicious and a nice way to wind down on a fall evening.

Filthy Farmgirl Filthy Vampire Blood Orange & Pomegranate Bar Soap is vegan, cruelty-free, and handmade in Hawaii with natural ingredients. It’s made with saponified oils and glycerin and smells heavenly, but then I love the smell of citrus! I hope to see this brand in a future box!

Too Cool for School Glam Rock Vampire Kiss Red Edition #1 Red Bite is from a Korean beauty line and is a “blurring” lipstick that can help you get that popsicle stained lip look, or in this case, look as if you’ve been kissed by a vampire!

Wow, that looks really red!

It looked a little more blue-toned when I swatched it. I just applied a bit to my lips and smeared it all around with a lip brush. It lasted about as long as most normal lipsticks and wasn’t too bright, just the way I like it!

The featured jewelry item was tucked into an organza drawstring bag.

I wasn’t sure how to wear this item at first. A choker? Nah, the watch would be useless that way. A bracelet? It’s too long for that. Wait, how about a double wrapped bracelet? Bingo!

It has a working watch face. All of the details are in gold-tone.

There is a magnetic closure.

I like the feather – reminds me of the southwest.

There was a pretty dangly thing on it, and one of the straps is bedazzled.

All in all, a very pretty bracelet/watch combo. You can find a similar item here.

Here’s the watch wrapped twice around my daughter’s wrist. It was too loose. I couldn’t get it to fit twice around my own arm. Karina noted that it was very heavy, too. I guess this is meant for occasional use, not as an everyday accessory.

Prims Way never fails to delight me with its adorableness and curated items that match the theme. Each item was thoughtfully chosen and they went together perfectly. This is a cute jewelry and accessories box but it’s also so much more. Maybe the items are a bit young for me but the quality is very nice, not cheap, and if I can’t use an item I have two girly girl daughters who can. If you like costume jewelry, beauty, and accessories then check out Prims Way!

What do you think of Prims Way? Let me know which style you prefer in the comments!

Visit Prims Way to subscribe or find out more!

Prims Way

Prims Way is a monthly Jewelry subscription box that allows the subscriber to be in full control of what they receive each month. Each month there will be a theme designed by a talented artist from around the world that inspires the choice of jewelry chosen for that month.In each box the subscriber will receive the item of choice along with a custom collectible postcard of art from that artist.

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