PetGiftBox October 2017 Cat Subscription Box Review + 50% Off Coupon

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PetGiftBox is a monthly subscription box for dogs or cats. A selection of toys, treats, chews and accessories are included based on your pet’s size. With each purchase you can earn points to redeem for free boxes and other great goodies. Plus, each purchase helps feed 10 rescue pets! PetGiftBox costs $25 for a monthly subscription, and you can also sign up for a full year or just buy a one-time box.

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My PetGiftBox came wrapped in paper and was sealed with a sticker. Inside I found an assortment of kitty play things and a cat treat!

Hmm, the cards never say what month the box is for, but I’ve already reviewed my October box, so November it is! Trick or Treat!

November’s PetGiftBox theme was Trick or TreatThe information card mentioned each product and how to use it.

All of the items in my November PetGiftBox!

Sunny was so excited that she just rolled around on the floor in front of the box for a while!

Just checking it out.

Zoey was content just sitting on the lid.

Petest Vibrating Kitty Toy is a felt jack-o’-lantern that has a pull on the bottom that makes this toy vibrate, briefly.

What in the heck?

Sunny was deeply suspicious but Zoey was willing to give it a sniff.

This toy only vibrates a couple of seconds before you have to re-pull the string. My cats were bored by then.

Vital Essentials Ahi Tuna are niblets of simply one ingredient – freeze-dried ahi tuna.

Sunny gave them a sniff, then walked away. For some reason, my cats are not fans of this brand, no matter the flavor.

Mauve Moose Catnip Kicker (similar here) was paws down a favorite with both of my girls this month! The inside is stuffed with fiberfill and organic catnip, which my cats go crazy over. Plus, feathers!

Sunny loves feathers!

She was really set on destroying this thing, while Zoey prefered licking it like a catnip lollipop.

Sunny may have been a little rough.

Crochet Kitty Bat Hand Toy is a wand with bright felt bats dangling from a string, so you can have the bats “fly” over your cat’s head to get a reaction.

Sunny loves to catch flying things.

Zoey was intrigued but couldn’t be bothered to actually try and catch anything.

She did pose prettily though.

Ellie Baba Designs Spider Teaser was another hit with Sunny. This huge spider is filled with fiberfill stuffing and has an acrylic yarn “loop” for the handle. I would prefer that the loop be reduced to one line, as Sunny kept getting it around her neck. I will hide it when it’s not playtime so she can be safe.

She was so excited when she caught the spider. Sometimes she catches the real thing around the house!

Yep, that’s my crazy cat!

My cats loved their toys from PetGiftBox! This box consistently sends items that my cats continue to play with long after the picture-taking session is finished. I liked the selection of items and it was fun to watch my cats playing with their toys and seeing which ones caught their attention for the long-term! The theme was cute and the items matched perfectly. The snack was a miss this month but that’s just because my cats are very picky, and Zoey is not a fan of treats anyways.

Let me know what you think of this box in the comments!

Visit PetGiftBox to subscribe or find out more!


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  • Valerie

    Sunny’s little “BLEP” tongue in the last photo is the best.

    • Deb

      Thanks Valerie, she is definitely a weirdo but we love her anyways!