Kira Kira Crate October 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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From Japan Crate comes Kira Kira Crate, a box dedicated to Japanese beauty! Kira Kira means “to sparkle” and with this box full of makeup, skincare, and other tools from Japan, you will sparkle as well!

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The booklet included with the box has a brief welcome letter, a list of the products included, and additional pages give English instructions for each product.

Shinsui Uruhada Skincare Lotion — Googling this literally got me no results except apparently it’s sold in Singapore. I’m a bit curious as to the real intent of this product — “lotion” indicates it’s a toner (Japanese beauty lines call hydrating toners “lotions”) but the booklet says it’s an all over body lotion. It has a yuzu citrus fragrance.

I also can’t help but notice how similar the logo is to the more popular, well-loved and famous Hada Labo skincare line… is it just me?

I’m not saying it’s an attempt to knock-off… but it does seem a bit uncanny.

Cat Bath/Shower Gel — A plastic cat shaped bottle of orange scented body wash.

Pure Smile Yokai Sheet Mask — Just in time for Halloween. It’s a yokai (demon) printed sheet mask.

Eyebrow Shaver with Mirror — When you’re too lazy to pluck or wax, shave your unruly brow edges into submission for a clean look.

I’m honestly curious to try this.

2-in-1 Sparkly Purple Mascara and Eyeliner — This is a purple glitter mascara and eyeliner wand in one.

Malibu Face Paint — A two toned face paint stick to help you paint your face for Halloween. I can’t ever see myself using it, not even as makeup which the booklet suggests.

The wand has a spoolie with a pointed eyeliner tip.

Last month’s Kira Kira Crate was strong, and this one just feels thrown together. The items feel cheap and inexpensive, and since we’ve seen that a whole bottle of toner can fit into the box it would be nice to see a higher quality item like the real Hada Labo or another solid choice.

Did you like this month’s items? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Dawn S

    Did the lotion smell nice and how did it feel on the skin? Does the purple glitter show up? How did the eyebrow thing work?

    • Valerie

      The lotion smells like yuzu, which I mentioned – it’s a citrus scent. Due to lack of information about the ingredients (google translate can only do so much) I haven’t tried it yet. Same with the other items as well.

      My problem with Kira Kira Crate is because the items are inexpensive and pretty much unknown, it is very hard to get information in English on the items whereas with more common, popular lines there is a wealth of information that has been translated by the skincare community. When it comes to things I use on my face, obviously I’m going to use caution. Sadly Kira Kira Crate just doesn’t provide the information even though I have personally made feedback to them asking to provide more information in English on the brand and the ingredients.

      Until then, my reviews are more of a first impression, and if I have personally tested the products I mention in the review. 🙂

      Hope that helps some.