Umai Crate August 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Umai Crate is a monthly subscription box that brings you exclusive Japanese-style noodles every month. The subscription costs $25 per month, and you’ll get 7-8 noodles, plus bonus items like gachapons, collectible chopsticks, and more.

Umai Crate is from the same makers that bring you Japan Crate, Doki Doki Crate, and Kira Kira Crate!

This is the August edition of Umai Crate. The box is almost the size of a windowsill planter, and it’s packed with yummy noodles!

DEAL: Take $3 off your first crate. Use coupon code HELLO.

This booklet always contains a couple fun articles about noodles and noodle eating culture in Japan!

It’s been a year enjoying noodles with Umai Crate! There are also some fun recipes – this one dresses up the Maru-chan Gotsumuri Yakisoba.

The booklet also has a list of everything in the box, including the bonus item. I like the way each noodle pack description has little IKEA-style pictograms showing the preferred preparation method. It helps us pick which ones to cook at home and which to take with!

Everything in the August 2017 Umai Crate.

Bonus! Lucky Rabbit Training Chopsticks

The bonus item this month was a fun pair of training chopsticks!

My kids love using them for what they call the “ramen festival!”

We’re still learning!

Sanyo Foods Hiyashi Chuka Soy Sauce Flavor

Sanyo Foods Hiyashi Chuka Sesame Sauce Flavor

These two Hiyashi Chuka (cold chinese noodles) arre meant to be served cold! They are a perfect addition to a summertime box!

Itomen Onion Ramen Soy Sauce Flavor

This onion flavored ramen was totally delicious. We liked the softer squiggly noodles and the roast onions really added a great depth of flavor.

My kids didn’t want to try the onion ramen, but once they did they were sold! Such good testers!

Maru-Chan Gotsumori Yakisoba: This Yakisoba is like one found at Japanese street festivals, and it came with KEWPIE MAYO! (Best mayo, along with Duke’s of course!).

You drain this one and then dress it.

And apply mayonnaise liberally. It was chewy and delicious and I loved the cabbage in it. I need more of these!

Itomen Ki Soba

This ramen mixes Chinese style noodles and Japanese broth with tempura balls, mini shrimps, and green onions.

My husband found this palatable and as always, liked the spices on top. I wasn’t a fan, but I don’t really like seafood. This box is great for true omniramenvores or a big crowd!

Ace Hokuto Mushroom Soup Noodles

This is like triple mushroom instant noodles –  bonito, kelp, and shiitake with some mushroom sprinkles and mushroom broth.

The noodle texture was pretty cup noodle standard, but the soup was thick and rich.

Sanyo Foods Otonado Mini Kitsune Udon

This was so different, and I wouldn’t know that it was reduced sodium until we read the booklet more carefully! The noodles are also whole grain. This one was tangy and delicious and totally different.

It says “Itadakimasu” or Let’s Eat!

We loved this month’s box and had a fantastic time with the variations – I think this was the most varied presentation of noodles (and unusual ones!) that we’ve seen from Umai yet. We had an amazing ramen festival – and it’s a really fun way to experience the flavors of Japan!

Visit Umai Crate to subscribe or find out more!


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