PostBox Subscription Box Review + Coupon – September 2017

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PostBox is a new paper and stationery subscription box by PostMark’d Studio. Every month, you’ll received a curated collection of beautiful paper and lifestyle products. PostBox will make it easier to deliver joy and love right to the mailbox! For $25 a month, you’ll receive curated themed cards, postage stamps and artsy doodads.

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This box was packed!

I see a pencil case!

September’s theme was Old School Box, for a nostalgic take on Back To School. The info card introduces us to all the artists and creators of the cards included in the box!

The flip side highlights the Letters For the Elderly organization. Any one can be part of it, all you need to do is write a letter to an elderly (following some easy specific rules!) Sounds awesome! Especially if you like writing letters, but everyone else replies using emails (I’ve been there, and it’s sad.) When you participate, you know the recipient will enjoy reading the letter!

The first postcard is from PostMark’d Studio.

It is a very thick cardboard postcard.

Another thing you’ll get every month: the fun silver pencil from Postmark’d Studio. Also, look at all the stamps! I’m from Canada, so I don’t know how much they are worth, but I can use them to make fun collages!

“The Original Laptop” Postcard. I love typewriters and this picture looks so much like the one that I own! But I would never use one as a laptop, those things are HEAVY!!! But this postcard hits a soft spot with me and I think I’ll frame it. The words are lightly embossed, and it’s just so pretty!

I love the feeling of this paper! It has a nice softness and it’s pretty thick.

Blue envelopes. I LOVE them. Ten blue envelops with a pages of recycled books as liner. They are all different and now I want to go read some Shakespeare… THANKS, Postmark’d Studio!

This yellow envelop was also included, but no mention on the info card. Fun thing is, a couple of the blue envelops could fit in it. And the blue envelops could be used to send fun letters to the Ederly through the organization mentioned on the info card. So you have no excuse to not participate! I don’t know if that was planned like that, but I’d like to think so! Let’s bring some happiness to the Ederly!

Library Cards by Frankie and Claude. Yes, they fit in the blue envelops! I fondly remember going to the library and having these cards inside books. Taking notes, sending snail mail invitation to your friends and family, they are so versatile and fun!

Pencil case + pencils (12) + Pink Pearl Eraser. Yes, all of that was included in this box! The pencil case is lovely with the black and white pattern with blue accents. The handle makes it easier to carry around. And even with all the pencils and the eraser inside, the pencil case wasn’t bulky! I’m an old school writer (pens and paper) and these will come in handy for a handwriting project I have in mind.

Pink Pearl Card by Sloe Gin Fizz. It’s a “I’m sorry” card! (It’s an eraser, get it?)  I love it! It’s a fun blank card, with a simple design. The paper has a subtle crisscross pattern, depending on the lighting.

Hello Card by Warren Tales. I love the telephone (yes, we had one in our house and I loved it!)

You can write a message and your penpal can send you a postcard back, or he/she can send the postcard to someone else! Such a nice way to remind people that sending a postcard can be fun!

Computer Card by Blackbird Letterpress. This is a simple thick card (not folded) with a real calendar on the top. The back of the card is blank.

A real tear-off calendar! You can send it or keep it on your desk. Yes, I own a computer that looks like this one. I feel so vintage!

I love love love this month’s theme, not only for the nostalgia, but because it was fun, great quality, and everything fit the theme perfectly, from the designs (old computer and “laptop”) to the accessories (good old pencil case full of pencil and eraser). I don’t know if it was made on purpose, but there was also a color coordination with the blue envelop and the blue accent on the pencil case. This is such a fun box and I’m really happy to learn more about an organization bringing letter writing lovers to the elderly.

What did you think of September’s PostBox?

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