DC Legion of Collectors September 2017 Subscription Box Review

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DC Legion of Collectors is an incredible bi-monthly subscription box that includes 100% exclusive Funko Pop! Vinyl, apparel, accessories, collectibles and more from Funko & DC Comics. Each box has a theme and the folks at DC have some of the most iconic superheroes of all time. “MOST WANTED” is the theme and features some of the best baddies in all of DC.

Popping open the box is a big part of the fun. You get a look at a couple of the items – the exclusive pin and patch – and a look at the art inside the box. Take a look at the pictures below for the art.

The art looks great and features Scarecrow, Lex Luthor, Deathstroke and more.

The info card. It’s a checklist to show everything received as well as the creative process behind the making of all the items!

The other side of the description card is a sneak preview of the November 2017 box. It’s “Unite the League” in preparation for the new Justice League movie.

Everything in the box! Lots of really cool content that you’ll want to keep locked away to keep it all safe. Stuff to wear, stuff to read and stuff to make your shelves look awesome!

Black Manta Patch. This is one of the best looking patches to date. Aquaman is not always regarded as a favorite in the superhero world but his dealings with Black Manta might change some peoples’ minds.

Joker Luggage Tag. I really like how DC Legion of Collectors decided to get away from the pin this month and included this Joker instead. A lot of luggage looks alike so you can make yours unmistakable with the clown prince of crime.

Bane Vinyl Funko POP! Figure – Bane is so much more than a villain who is juiced up on “Venom.” He’s definitely more than his two live action film iterations as well.

He looks awesome from all angles! This is my favorite version of Bane. The lucha-libre looking mask and all black clothing. He looks like he is ready to break a back.

Lex Luthor Funko POP! Figure – The Mech Suit version of Lex Luthor looks like he is ready to take on any alien threat… especially Kryptonian.

The purple is shiny and looks fantastic.

Most Wanted T-Shirt – I’m extremely happy this isn’t a Funko version of the characters. The black t-shirt looks incredible with the red tinted villains.

The art looks wonderful! Joker, Black Manta, Sinestro, Lex Luthor, Ares and Captain Cold.

A more full look at the t-shirt.

DC Legion of Collectors is amazing! This is such a fun box and worth every penny. Clothing, comics, and collectibles – it’s everything a person could want in a subscription box. We loved getting a so many different items featuring different characters.

What did you think of the Most Wanted edition of Legion of Collectors?


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