Boxwalla Food October 2017 Spoilers!

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We have October 2017 spoilers for the Boxwalla Food Box!

This October, in the Food Box, we’ll be serving you the world on a plate, I mean in a Box…?The tastiest things inspired by food traditions in North Africa, Turkey, Burma and more!
Like this delicious treat, evocative of the dried fruit preserves of Turkey. Pure, fragrant Rumi Saffron from Afghanistan does a little tango on the tongue with caraway, citrusy lemon and zaftig verjus from Wölffer Estate Vineyard. Part marmalade, part chutney, this preserve is wholly delicious. Like mindblowingly delicious. I mean, like ‘give me 50 thousandajillion of these so I never run out’ delicious.

Fall rolls in, spilling some incredibly delicious flavors into our October Food Box. And when I say delicious flavors, I mean the bright citrusy flavor of orange, the nuttiness of pistachio, all enrobed by the most buttery luscious chocolate that’s sweetened only with local raw honey. And if that weren’t enough, this chocolate is also infused with organic turmeric root powder. Incredibly delicious? You can say that again!
So excited to feature @elementstruffles Ayurveda-inspired chocolates in our October Food Box!

A few (or many) years ago on one of our very first visits to San Francisco, we had two things on our list : visit @greenapplebooks and eat at the iconic @burma_superstar. The fun part was that the Green Apple Bookstore is practically next door to the Burma Superstar Restaurant, so of course we combined the two must-dos into one memorable evening. .
As I’ve mentioned in the past, I plan our travel trips (local or international) around indie bookshops and foooood! Scouting for the best indie bookstores and best dining experiences is kind of my jam! One of our intentions with the Boxwalla Food Boxes was to bring the taste of some our incredible dining experiences into the box. And we are doing just that in October with a delicious packaged treat from the people who started @burma_superstar.and@burmalovesf : the savory, uber addictive and incredibly tasty Lotus Chips. These hand-sliced Lotus chips are made from the roots of the lotus flower. It is difficult to describe just how tasty these chips are. All I can say is you probably won’t be able to stop at one! ?#travelthroughfood#eattheworld

Food is often about stories and we have a story to tell. In times rife with natural and manmade disasters, this story is so full of hope and beauty that it makes our hearts sing!
The story is about veterans, about Afghanistan and about saffron. The story is about cultivating peace instead of war.
The story is about a company started by three U.S veterans: Kimberly Jung, Emily Miller and Keith Alaniz, who were deployed in Afghanistan, along with a lawyer who spent two years working in Kabul for the Afghan Rural Enterprise Development Program.
The company they started is called @rumi_spice and it works directly with Afghan farmers to source some of the best saffron in the world. They figured that the way to bringing peace and economic stability to a war torn region like Afghanistan was not just aid or charity or military rebuilding, but to engage in actual economic trade with that region. They source saffron from local saffron farms and employ more than 300 Afghan women in Herat, Afghanistan to hand harvest the delicate saffron stigmas from the flowers.
Working with the farmers directly, helping train them to cultivate the best saffron in the world, and thereby creating a demand for this exquisite Afghan saffron, is helping economic growth, and helping saffron replace cultivation of poppy for opium trade, since saffron is turning out to be much more financially rewarding than opium. I could go on and on about this wonderful company and their saffron, so stay tuned for more!
And in the October Food Box you will be able to experience this amazing saffron, that has been rated among the best in the world and used in Michelin starred restaurants like Eric Ripert’s Le Bernadin and Daniel Boulod’s Daniel.
Not only that, you’ll also get to revel in one of the most exquisite preserves we have tasted that uses this incredible saffron : @lebonmagot‘s Turkish inspired Lemon Sultana Marmalata.

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