Vegan Cuts Beauty Box August 2017 Subscription Box Review 

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Vegan Cuts Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription service that sends 4-7 items ranging from unique cosmetics to luxurious skin care. Best of all, they are 100% cruelty-free and vegan, plus most items are natural and non-toxic! Monthly recurring shipments are $22.95 with free shipping in the USA (there is an additional charge for other countries). This sub is also available in 6 or 12-month terms that do not renew but that do earn you a discount.

Vegan Cuts doesn’t offer customization and sends items that are suitable for almost everyone. They promise not to send foundation or other items that match a specific skin tone and instead send makeup items that are as inclusive as possible with possible variations in shades. They also promise a value of at least $30 but have sent boxes that are significantly above that mark. Vegan Cuts sends deluxe “travel” sized or full-sized products and rarely sends single use packets.

There was a product information card that included a coupon code for a shop purchase and info on how you can win a free box by sharing your box on social media.

The flip side of the card listed each item and the retail value. August 2017 box theme is Serene Beauty. I like the sound of that!

Everything in my box!

Derma-e Essentials Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil ($1.68) I love cleansing oils and use them as a first step to remove my face makeup, then follow with something more foamy. Derma-e claims this is a rinse-free product but if you wear makeup that’s probably not going to go over too well. It didn’t remove all of my makeup but I did enjoy the slipperyness of it and it had a very light herbal scent.

Sade Baron Fresh Lux Body Mist ($10) is a nice, light body and face mist that disappears almost as soon as you spray, but sometimes a quick pick-me-up is all that is needed and this provides that bit of pep. It has a warm citrus scent thanks to bergamot, neroli, and ylang ylang. 

Sense Body Lotion by William Roam ($5) I was pleased with how quickly my skin absorbed this body lotion, which was thick but not heavy. The scent was light with a warm green fragrance that evaporated quickly. My only complaint was that it was kind of hard to get it out of the container but my arms needed a workout anyways.

I was super impressed with Saiva Brightening Facial Serum ($24). Saiva only offers four products but I felt like this one was made exceptionally well. I know it says “serum” but this was like a thick oil that immediately melted on my skin and left it soft but not greasy. I didn’t follow with any other products and I used it under my makeup with no problems. The natural ingredients may help reduce the appearance of dark spots while protecting skin from damaging free radicals. NOTE: The product info card stated that subscribers would receive a Saiva lip balm but this was a nice substitute.

One of the spoilers this month was for 100% Pure Gemmed Lip Gloss ($26). I received the shade “Moonstone” but subscribers may receive a different color. 

The ingredients were all pronounceable plus this stuff has actual crushed semi-precious gemstones! It also had a nice scent/flavor.

The color was very light but added a lot of sparkle to my lips. Unfortunately, it was kind of gummy and it sort of sealed my lips together and every time I opened my mouth you could see them come unsealed. Next, I tried it after I lined my lips with pencil and it felt much better that way.

The August Vegan Cuts Beauty Box had 5 products from a variety of beauty categories – I love when that happens! I liked all of the products I received and was especially delighted with the face serum. This box had a value of around $66.68, which is just short of 3 times the price paid for the box!

What do you think of this month’s Vegan Cuts Beauty Box? Let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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