Magickal Folk July 2017 Crystal Alchemy Kit Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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Magickal Folk is a monthly subscription that brings magical items to work with moon phases through meditation and rituals to your doorstep. Different subscription options are available from smaller kit with Ritual Tea, Crystals or Oil & Crystal, to a full experience including herbs, crystals, and tools. Subscriptions starts at $7 a month for the Ritual Tea Kit to $78.50 a month for the Good Golly Kit. This Review is for the Crystal Alchemy kit ($12 a month).

In the Magickal Folk monthly Crystal Alchemy Kit, 1-4 stones or crystals are carefully paired with essential and fragrance oils for their magickal and spiritual specialties. Each kit comes with a quarter page grimoire card detailing instructions, correspondences, and intent.

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July’s Crystal Alchemy’s theme is Spirit Guide. I love the simplicity of their theme card.

This Crystal Alchemy Kit pairs calming oils and uplififting oils for deep meditation and balance emotion to a Barite Crystal for exploratory dream work. I really appreciate all the extra information about how to incorporate the stone into the craft, with best pairing in Astrology, Chakra, and how the Barite can affect the emotional, spiritual, magickal and meditation works. We also get the effects of each of the oils and fragrances used in the monthly blend.

The “Spirit Guide” oil is made with Mugworth Essential Oil, Holy Basil, Pink Lotus Absolute and Chamomille Essential Oil and the keywords are channel, journey, and project. This is such a lovely combination of soothing scents with the right amount of flowery sweet scents to keep us awake. It sounds conterintuitive, but it makes sense for Lucid Dreaming where you are awake in your dream.

The Barite Flower Cluster was wrapped in black tissue paper. I was worried that it would not be enough to protect a fragile stone.

But the stone made it in one piece! This is such a pretty peach-orange stone! Barite is the stone to move from the physical world to the spiritual one, perfect to meditate, and to lucid dream. Fun fact, July’s Tea Ritual Kit theme was Lucid Dream and the Barite could be paired with the tea for a nice Lucid Dream Ritual.

I love rocks (and gemstones) and I cannot lie! Paired with an essential oil to enhance their abilities and properties in my life, and I’m all in! I loved everything about this kit, the beautiful cluster, the lovely blend of essential oils and all the information on the grimoire card. I’m so happy we received a cluster and not a tumbled stone! It will be so nice on display on my altar or by the window!

What did you think of this month’s Crystal Alchemy by Magickal Folk ? Have you tried this subscription?

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