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  • Renee

    I LOVED LOVED LOVED my box this month ((: I got my unboxing of boxycharm an ipsy up on YouTube (Renee stout ) but the tarte eyeshadows are THE BOMB , very pigmented and blendable !! If yu wanna go check out my channel ur more than welcome to, my ipsy was awesome this month too!!! Hope everyone has a great day An god bless

  • Traci

    This box looks outstanding. I’m crossing my fingers that the palette doesn’t bust like last month’s did!

    I’m looking on the positive side of things because they’re made by two different companies and are very different in shape and structure. I’ve never touched Tarte’s palettes but I get the feeling they’re more secure in their craftsmanship than Blinc’s. I won’t even mention how soft and pigmented Blinc’s are!

    Come on Wednesday so I can get my box!

  • Lilly

    I’ll be just fine with either of the 3 boxes. IMO, the Tarte shadow palette is the value item in the box, and the rest is ” gravy”.
    I almost bought the palette at Sephora, but then we got spoilers on the same day saying this would be in our Boxycharm box. 🙂

    I don’t know how they do it, but the value is tremendous. Waiting not so patiently for my box. 🙂

    My only wish with them in the future is that they would curate to skin type/ skin shade. I am extremely fair complected, with light eyes and hair, and when I get red or dark makeup, I can’t wear it. We are so diverse, and I don’t think they consider this at all with the curation.

    • Brandy

      Flashback to the black/purple Ofra lipstick!

  • Megan Morin

    I have been a birchbox subscriber since December 2016 , and everytime I see an ad that shows a particular month’s box and what was included, its NOTHING like what I actually recieved , for insurance in the picture of the June box ,on this page I recieved 1 item of the ones shown !I’m angry and done with birchbox, and if you sleak with customer service, they’ll say it was because of my beauty profile I filled out ,in other words ,they blame me , which is very odd considering when I checked the profile I filled out it ,I filled out that I was not interested in face cleansers ,and masks,body washs, shampoos and clearly stated that I wanted makeup ! Yet 90% of every box is face cleansers or creams and lotions .Sunscriber Beware !!

    • Megan Morin

      Birchbox boxs NEVER include the items that they show they do , no matter how you fill out your profile, you will get things that you specifically filled out (and spoken to cs about)that you DO NOT WANT , they’ll blame it on you and how you filled out the profile , but they send whatever they want, regardless of how your profile was filled out , subscriber BEWARE !!

      • Brandy

        Hi Megan – Have you tried selecting the curated box during sample choice for Birchbox? Is that what you’re hoping for? Regardless, it sounds by your comments that Ipsy might be a better fit for you, or maybe Boxycharm. Those subscriptions are more makeup-focused.

  • Danielle

    I hope I get the nail polish in my variation! I love nail polish more than anything else.