ZBOX Limited Edition LEGO Box Review

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The ZBOX Limited Edition LEGO Box was a one-time limited edition box from Zbox. The run was limited to 500 boxes, this box was about $39.59 + $2.99 shipping to the US.

Are you ready for an incredibly special LEGO ZBOX? The classic building block has become a household name, thanks to the iconic LEGO Brick. In this ZBOX we celebrate all things LEGO with a mix of different Toys, Merchandise and Memorabilia from well-known franchises all contained in a Limited Edition ZBOX.

We’re also excited to say that this box will include 6-7 items including an all new LEGO product and a LEGO themed t-shirt suitable for all ages 5 and up!

Everything in the ZBOX LEGO Limited Edition Box!

I Love Bricks T-Shirt: A cute but generic bricks shirt. Unfortunately it violates my cardinal rule regarding kids’ clothing – it’s white. This shirt will last about an hour on one of my boys.

LEGO Bag Tag ($9.95) This is a fun item – a large luggage tag that looks like a LEGO brick! The back has room for an address. My 6 year old has one on his bag, so I think my 2 year old is getting this one!

LEGO City Stickers: Perfect for making a scene on paper – maybe in the car when we can’t use bricks?

LEGO BrickHeadz Batgirl Figure ($9.99) My son already has the Batman Brick Headz so Batgirl is the perfect accompaniment.

These are fun quick builds that even younger kids can do – and they are perfect for display. I keep on being surprised at not seeing them in regular subscription boxes.

LEGO The Batman Movie The Mini Batwing ($4.99) The mini Batwing is a really fun build and sitting on my son’s shelf. I happened to pick this up a few weeks ago, so I’m saving this one for an emergency – whether rapid Batwing replacement or a last minute party gift!

LEGO Marvel Heroes Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 The Milano ($5) This mini build is somewhat similar – it’s the Milano!

LEGO Lunch Box ($13) This is a simple plastic box that looks like a big old brick. It actually matches the 4×4 one we got with our giant sundae from Legoland’s Firehouse (best deal at the park!).

I’m not a profligate LEGO purchaser (my kids reuse their sets quite a bit and we have buckets that they play with daily), but I happen to own nearly everything in this box already. (This happens surprisingly less often than you might think). I think this box was probably a big win for UK purchasers with more limited access but I would have liked to see a licensed shirt as part of the box!

What did you think of the ZBOX Limited Edition LEGO Box?


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