Tokyo Treat July 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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TokyoTreat is a Japanese treat box that is shipped directly from Japan. TokyoTreat has three levels of boxes, which seems to be the norm with snack boxes. Shipping is included with the boxes ($14.99 for mini, $24.99 for regular, $34.99 for premium). For their third year, TokyoTreat has revamped their box — it’s bigger in height and width but is shallower than the old box.

DEAL: Save $3 on your first box! Use coupon code 3off.

The TokyoTreat magazine is read right to left like Japanese books and comics. It includes the product information as well as information on Japanese culture, the monthly giveaway, instructions for the DIY kit, and other features.

Most of the popular snack boxes have this sort of tiered system with three levels of size!

Here’s what’s included in the small box!

Dagashi Bag — A bag of randomly chosen sweet, sour, and savoury snacks! This bag is tricky if you can’t read Japanese. I can read a bit, and the pictures help. The bag at the top was crunchy rice crackers. There’s a takoyaki umaibo, a chocolate lollypop, cola flavoured candies (two sweet and one sour, like the ones we were sent last month) and some sort of dried squid snack.

Salty Vanilla Chocolate — Vanilla beans and sea salt combine with white chocolate. This was absolutely delicious! I wish there were more pieces in the box…

Melon Cream Candy — I don’t really like melon (except watermelon) so I didn’t sample these. They are hard candies with a creamy center.

Crunch Corn Snack — Japan’s corn snacks are super popular, and usually flavoured. In this case, the snack really did taste like corn!

Here’s a picture of the chocolates — the bars remind me of KitKats.

The regular box includes all of the above, plus:

Shrimp Crackers — I can’t do shrimp crackers, so these were a pass. The bag is huge and generous, though.

Pokemon Chocolate Puffs — These are going to my boss’ adorable Pokemon-loving kids. They’re shaped like the super cute Pikachu!

Soda Puccho Balls — These are so good! Hard candies covered in soda-flavoured powder. Once you get to the middle, there is a powdery candy inside.

Chocolate Barley Puffs — Pretty sure I’ve had these before, but happy to have them again! Puffed barley is covered in chocolate for a nuttier flavour.

Watermelon Chocolate Chips — Yes… these are exactly what they sound like. Pink cookies with watermelon flavour.

They’re made with real watermelon juice. It’s a weird combo but I liked them.

And finally, the premium box, which includes everything in the small and regular, plus:

Kiwi Fanta — I’m not a fan of the original Fanta, but Japan comes out with crazy limited edition flavours. I don’t really like kiwi but actually really enjoyed this.

Squishy Cat — These are all the rage right now (I’ve even seen them on phone cases!). The cat is made of squishy material that lets you poke and rub its little belly.

Coconut Pocky — My all-time FAVOURITE flavour of Pocky. It has shredded coconut right in the chocolate. These are soooo addicting.

Foaming DIY Drink — A new kit to me — it looks like you shake powders in a little plastic cup to make a foaming drink with jelly at the bottom. I get excited when the DIY kit is one I haven’t done before.

Pucchi Pineapple Cream Cookies — Mini cookies filled with pineapple creme. Oreos, move over! These are kicking your butt.

Tokyo Treat continues to be my favourite Japanese snack box. They have it down to an art and always include the best mix of savoury, sweet, and fun products. This was probably one of my favourite TokyoTreat boxes!

What did you guys think of this month’s Tokyo Treat?
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