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  • upstatemissy

    I loved this box, I received the white stone/silver necklace and wear it all of the time.

  • Baley

    Do you ever review the other experiences with a company? I have had a horrible time with their customer service to get a broken item replaced even after sending pictures of the broken item as it came.

    • Brandy

      I don’t have that personal experience but that’s why we have comments!

  • Lauren Keating

    I think the box is great. But I agree, the artist hobby choice is so disappointing compared to the Chef & the Traveler. I really hope I don’t get that one, but I’m sure that most people who aren’t the VIP and gets to choose their items will get that. It’s a motivator for me to go ahead and become a VIP so I can get what I want!

  • Theresa

    I was disappointed with the summer box. I look forward to trying new products that make me feel pretty not so much artist or chef etc. It was just okay for me.