DelightfulCycle June 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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DelightfulCycle includes everything you might possibly need for when Aunt Flo comes knocking. More than just a tampon/chocolate subscription, every month will feature a few luxury items that will pamper you, as the subscription also aim to be a gentle reminder to practice some much needed self-care. The box will have popular brands, favorite snacks, and a few surprise goodies each month. $40 retail value, you only pay $19.95, with free shipping!

Beautifully packed with very little wiggle room. Thanks to the sticker I didn’t spill the box at all, my clumsy self really does thank you for that.

DEAL: Receive 25% off of your first month’s order! Use coupon code hello25.

Detailed contents card lets me know what to expect in my box and gives a run down of each item. Included is a redbox code! This made my day because I will admit the first two days of my monthly friend, all I want to do is watch movies and eat.

Delightful Cycle Rosemary and Grapefruit Bath Bombs. I’m not a bath fan, but I like these ones because of the simple ingredients.

e.l.f. Mechanical Eyelash Curler. Every time I see one of these, I think of TV shows that showcase what a treacherous tool these are, but I still love mine. I like that this one came with a replacement rubber pad and it super simple to use.

Yes to Tomatoes Charcoal Paper Mask. 96% natural ingredients, that’s amazing! I am not a fan of masks, they are slimy but I will try and put that aside to bring my beauty regiment to a new level.

Hard Candy Guilty Pleasure Eyeshadow Set. A gorgeous set with too many colors to try at one time. I love that this eyeshadow is so easy to work with and blends with other colors perfectly. I might have to share this with my daughter because great makeup is the heart of the perfect look.

Wet n Wild Contour Brush. I guess this means I need to YouTube videos on how to use a contour brush, so that I can prefect the professional look. My makeup skills are at a solid 16 year old level, but with the great products from this box I’m looking forward to upping my level to 30 year old status.

Cosmos Creations Coconut Crunch Puffed Corn. Oh my goodness this was sweet and crunchy and so much better than chips. I loved that there were no kernels to get stuck in my teeth and that the sweetness was just enough to curb my sweet tooth. I can’t wait to see what other flavors they make and to order them for an everyday snack just for me.

Endangered Species Natural Dark Chocolate with Caramel and Sea Salt. If caramel and sea salt weren’t enough to spark my interest, fair trade and non-GMO were the real catalyst over the “I hate dark chocolate” line. Unfortunately this chocolate bar was a soupy mess when it arrived to my door, I tried putting it in the refrigerator but when it became solid again the wrapper was part of the mix. I will be checking the local grocery store because I can think of nothing else until I tackle another dark chocolate brand.

Annie’s Homegrown Organic Friends, Bunny Grahams. Two or ninety two you will love these graham crackers. I personally liked the chocolate chips bunnies the best. Sitting down with a glass of milk and a bag of these sweet treats, all my world is right for a few minutes. I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve found a product from Annie’s Homegrown that I have not enjoyed.

Assorted Veeda Tampons. I had never heard of this brand until I received Delightful Cycle and now I am hooked! No added dyes or perfumes… I call this a win!

Rael Panty Liners. With my sensitive skin, I was very pleased to try this new-to-me product. The cotton was soft like linen and did not disappoint me. I can’t wait to transition to this brand for all the pad needs in my household.

La Fresh Travel Feminine Hygiene Wipes. I am a firm believer that every lady should carry these types of wipes for those “oh no” moments. I like the minimal packaging and they are completely discreet.

Squeeze Pod Travel Size Moisturizing Lotion. This is my least favorite item in this month’s box, this is a very little amount of lotion and would take quite a few to moisturize anyone’s entire body. I also feel like it’s a lot of waste, but the lotion was very nice.

DelightfulCycle is just what it claims… delightful. The happy balance between the much needed supplies and the fun items is perfect. I like that both the pads and tampons were organic and that I can keep the list of great products growing.  I think the best part of this subscription is the lack of focus on junk food and the focus on providing useful products that I will have long after the essentials. This is a wonderful box for girls of all ages, I might have to gift it to a few of my favorite young ladies.

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A discreet tampon-beauty-snack hybrid delivery system. committed to making sure that you're never caught off-guard by your cycle without the supplies you need and making you feel a bit more fabulous. Every month, we deliver luxurious feminine care, straight to your door. That includes more than just tampons. Let us get to know you, and we will get you in touch with quality make-up brands, delicious snacks, travel-sized goodies, bathing delights, and the opportunity to treat yourself, without ever needing to run to the store for your tampons again.

We are committed to giving back to our community. We ship in 100% recycled boxes, and use the same standard for our included packing materials, and labels. We plant 5 trees for every 100 boxes sold.

95 per month


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