TeeBlox April 2017 Subscription Box Review & Coupon – DC Comics

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TeeBlox is a pretty neat monthly t-shirt subscription box for a low price! Every month you’ll receive a 100% authentic licensed shirt, plus 2 items from the collectible categories of posters, comic books, stickers, and decals. You’ll choose a style when you sign up – Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, cartoons, games, movies & TV shows, beers & liquors, or “hot meex” (a mix of everything). Then you’ll choose your size – Small to 2XL for all categories except for Disney. Disney sizes are Junior Small-XL – and check out for $12.99 monthly plus $2.50 shipping.

TeeBlox recently introduced new categories of licensed shirts they are offering for their subscription.

DEAL: Get free shipping on your first month! Use coupon code HELLOTBX.

We received DC Comics! FYI – You may want to pull out possible objectionable material if you are ordering TeeBlox for the under 18 crowd. Sometimes there’s a weird poster, etc.

This month, instead of send a pin, Teeblox sent a sticker! The sticker says “gamer” and has a controller from the Nintendo 64 as the “M”. The Nintendo 64 controller is infamous for having a hand grip right in the middle along with the sides. I’m so glad that Teeblox included this. It made my day 🙂

This month the comic we received is Green Lantern Corps vol 2 #39. I enjoy reading about the lesser known superheroes, so I was very happy to receive this.

Batman Arkham Asylum! I remember when that game came out. I never got a chance to play it, but I heard it was amazing!

The Green Lantern. Well, A Green Lantern. Hal Jordan is flying (I think?) into action! I’m not sure what the green “X” behind him is suppose to mean/be, if anything, but this is cool. I like the classic look on this shirt.

A Green Lantern comic AND shirt?! This makes up for the fact that DC has left Green Lantern out of all the Justice League promos and interviews. Go Teeblox!

Did you receive a April TeeBlox? What genre? Share below!


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