Comic Block Subscription Box Review & Coupon – April 2017

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Comic Block is a monthly subscription box from the Nerd Block Family of geek crates! With this subscription, you’ll receive comic books, a shirt, and other goodies each month.

A booklet is included with some fun articles and you still get a description checklist.

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The checklist shows everything in the box.

There are also bonus items and this page tells subscribers what they could see in their box.

Here is the rest of the book.

This box is great – you can see that there is special care for the contents. Comic books are wrapped in plastic and/or bagged and boarded. The t-shirt was packed in the box well and kept everything from moving around. Also, there are more items than before because the box has increased in size.  Usually there are different toys and such but this month it is mostly comic books(which totally works for me).

Jean Art Print. The print is by Max Wittert who also wrote the comic book Jean & Scott #1 (see next). This is definitely not the normal side of Jean Grey/Phoenix.

Jean & Scott #1 Comic Book. This comic book is a parody of one of the more famous couples in the Marvel Universe. It shows more of an everyday type of look into their lives rather than the adventurous Sentinel-stomping side.

Deadpool “Maximum Effort” T-Shirt. The Merc’ with a Mouth looks awesome in this t-shirt. Two swords and a bunch more weapons shows he truly is putting forth “maximum effort.”

LARP! Volume 1 – $7.72. This is a fun little book about a popular kid who is also in Live Action Role Play (LARP).

Lifelong nerd Pete Ford’s been living two lives since starting at his new school–in one, he’s a member of the cool crowd and the tennis team, and in the other he is Lord Blackmane, scourge of the Southern moors. It’s probably best if the cool kids don’t find out about that, but hiding Pete’s live action roleplaying gets harder when he falls for a teammate. Can Pete have it all, or will his separate lives collide, threatening all his friendships? And what of the shady other club trying to horn in on the LARPers’ game space?

North. This comic book is powered by Kickstarter. The book is about Canadian superheroes but they aren’t Alpha Flight. I really like when creator-owned projects get up and running.

NVRLND #1 – 451 Media Group – $3.99. This is a re-imagining of Peter Pan but in the world of modern-day Hollywood. This should make for an interesting read.

Riverdale #1 – Archie Comics – $3.99. Riverdale is a much darker version of the Archie world. This series along the lines of the CW based television show. The variant cover is by Rebekah Isaacs.

Sovereigns #0 – Valiant Comics. Turok is faced with an incredible crisis and the fate of the world rests on his shoulders. Ray Fawkes and Kyle Higgins are part of an awesome team that puts together this story.

Knight Guardians of Relativity #1 – Titan Comics – $3.99. The Knight Guardians are the protectors of the six remaining City States after the Fourth Great War. The variant cover is by Gabe Sapienza.

Red Dog #1 – 451 Media Group – $3.99. A robotic dog is an otherworldly travelling man’s best friend. The tow will help miners against an alien attack. Subscribers who receive this comic book could receive one of two different variant covers. My cover was by W. Scott Forbes.

Comic Block is such a fun subscription box! It not only has fantastic comic books, but there are also items to wear and more! I look forward to this box every month. What did you think of this month’s Comic Block?

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