May 2017 GlobeIn Box Spoiler #1 + Coupon

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GlobeIn is now offering 2 themed boxes every month to select from. They’ve released a few spoilers for the first May 2017 Artisan Box. The theme is LUNCH!

Each May Lunch Artisan Box will include:

Tri Bento Lunch Box, India (Retail $30)

Material: High-quality BPA-free stainless steel

Size: 2 oz (1.5 cups) fits in each of the three layers. Container measures 5.25″ high with base 5.25″ diameter

Suggested use: Craft a well-balanced meal. Put your main in the large bottom layer, a salad or veggie in the middle, and a fruit or snack on top! Heat over a stove or campfire, not in the microwave.

Remember those days back in kindergarten when your lunchbox was a beacon of self-expression? Turns out they’re not over. Just because you’re all grown up that’s no reason to stop sporting an ultra-savvy lunchroom style.

It does mean, however, that slapping a sticker on a mini plastic suitcase is no longer going to cut it. These days, you want your lunch kit to promote healthy eating, to save you time, cash, and fuss, and to save the environment from going kaput. And as always, you want it to be pretty!

DEAL: You can use code WELCOME to save $10 on your first box of a 3+ month subscription.


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