Love With Food April 2017 Deluxe Box Review + Coupon

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Love with Food is a fun snack discovery subscription available in three versions: Tasting Box, Deluxe (family size), and Gluten-Free. They also offer an Office Plan for sharing with your co-workers. I shared these snacks with my family of 3 (sometimes 4 when my daughter is home from college.) What sets this subscription apart?

  • No artificial flavoring, coloring, or MSG
  • No trans fats and hydrogenated oils
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • Snacks are natural, organic or gluten-free

FYI, you can see our reviews of all 3 varieties of Love With Food boxes here.

DEAL: You can try out Love With Food by using this link to get your first Deluxe Box for $5 off or get your first Classic Size Box for $7.99. You can also save 25% on your first Gluten-Free box by using this link. As always, Love With Food donates meals to charity with each box purchased.

Love with Food’s theme for April was “Be the Change.” There were a couple of discount codes on the card and it tells how you can win a special box when you share pictures on social media. If you want to know more about the snacks in your box then you can go to the website and see which snacks are gluten-free, kosher, vegan, etc. You can find this month’s deets here.

There were several cards this month with more coupon codes!

The first thing my daughter chose was Sensible Foods Organic Apple Harvest. These crunchy dried “chips” are made with organic apples and nothing else. My daughter loved them and I loved how simple this was. I didn’t get to try Ginny Bakes Mini Chocolate Chip Love Cookies because although my daughter closed the bag correctly, my cat got on the table and bit through the Ziploc bag and air got in and they were stale. I have crazy cats, whatever. I am sad about that because I think this company make some pretty great cookies. Karina thought the cookies were good and when I asked her if she could tell it was gluten-free she said she didn’t know that, so it passed my picky eater test.

Dang Salted Cacao Coconut Chips were perfect: salty, sweet, chocolaty. I’m glad there were two bags this month because I really love these Dang chips!

Wonder+Well Organic Strawberry Water is a tasty alternative to juice boxes. It had that strawberry candy-like flavor but of course it is really watered down. Nice for a kids lunch box drink.

Here’s another one for the kiddos: Surf Sweets Organic Fruity Bears are softer than traditional gummy bears and are covered in a sugary coating that adds a bit of crunch. Ok, never mind, don’t give them to the kids, these are so soft and delicious. Fruity and not fake. Love!

Next were some chips that I packed in my lunch box to eat with my sandwich. Artisan Tropic Plantain Strips with Sea Salt are made with plantains, palm oil and salt and are thick enough to dip but satisfying on their own. Utz Original Potato Chips are simply crispy, thin, standard potato chips and are a good way to get dip into your mouth.

There were two different flavors of 180° Snacks in this box. Almond Rice Pops with Mango are granola and puffed rice cereal clusters with pieces of mango and almonds. Almond Pops with Blueberries are nutty and crispy granola cereal clusters but this time it’s blueberry flavored cranberries instead of mango. Both were gone in just a few bites and were a nice change from a granola bar.

I didn’t get a chance to try Sprd Creole Kicker Mayo Spread yet. “Creole Kicker® is a lively blend of all natural mayo with the finest Creole mustard and our 8 signature herbs and spices. Its uniquely vibrant flavor will have your taste buds celebrating – New Orleans style!” The name is “Sprd” without the “e” and “a” because they left out “everything artificial”! Crown Nut Company Maple Bacon Flavored Almonds are vegan even though it has the word “bacon” in the name. My husband liked this smokey little snack and almonds are better for him than actual bacon so I let him have the whole pack.

Kashi Chewy Nut Butter Bars in Salted Chocolate Chunk have been my go-to snack bar of choice these past couple of weeks. Oats, almond butter, chocolate chunks, and dates are all in here and it’s chewy and tasty and travels well, just throw in a backpack or purse.

The GFB Gluten Free Bites Dark Chocolate Coconut Twins I popped these in my bag and grabbed them for a midday snack and they were filling and without being heavy. Dates and pea/bean protein are mixed with dark chocolate and rolled in dried coconut. Like a LARA bar but with a few more ingredients.

Loacker Cremkakao I love that there was something totally dreamy and delectable in this box! This bar is from Italy and has smooth milk chocolate covering a cocoa cream filling and a crispy wafer cookie in the middle. I ate a little bit each night for a week and it was a great way to end the day!

I’m always excited to see my cheery red Love with Food box in the mail! I love grabbing something tasty to eat on the go, or unwinding with a decadent candy bar in the evenings. I appreciate the fact that Love with Food sends items that can be enjoyed by everyone, including young children. If you review your items for points and have an annual subscription it brings down the cost of the box, plus the coupon codes add to the value. Of course, you can always buy the items individually or in bulk but I prefer the convenience of having a variety of snacks to choose from. I simply grab a treat and stick it in my lunchbox and don’t have to think about it. My family enjoyed finding new favorites, plus Love With Food donates meals to charity with each box purchased!
 Visit Love with Food to subscribe or find out more.


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