Loot Crate DX April 2017 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Loot Crate DX is a deluxe monthly subscription box from Loot Crate. It’s themed with the regular Loot Crate theme, except it contains premium next level loot for discerning geeks! It’s like a special edition box from Loot Crate – every month!

DEAL: Use code HELLOSUBSCRIPTION to save 10% – $5 on your first box or even more with a longer subscription!

The box comes with a tri-fold booklet with information about Loot Crate’s community features on the back. Check out the theme experience hub here.

The theme this month – INVESTIGATE!

The items in the box this month are from our fave mystery & crime solvers.

The information card gives you a list of all the items in the box. It’s super sturdy and has a nice premium feel.

All the Loot Crate DX goodies this month!

April 2017 Investigate Pin

The camera is every gumshoe’s partner in solving crime and mysteries. This pin is nice and large and it has a witty nod to Canon Rebel’s branding, but I also wish it was a licensed pin.

Twin Peaks Long Sleeved T-Shirt: This is an excellent design, which features the logo for Martell’s Twin Peaks Logging Camp. Since we’re nearly in May, I’m a bit puzzled by the long-sleeve shirt, but it’s exclusive to the box and I like the design. Plus the shirt isn’t super thick so it will be good for spring adventures.

This short sleeve shirt has the same design and is nearly $40.

Marvel’s Daredevil Nelson And Murdock Avocados At Law Business Card Holder

Lawyer by day, vigilante justice seeker by night.

The line “We’re gonna be the best damn avocados this city has ever seen” has spawned countless avocado themed fan art.

Inside you find Murdock’s business card. I think the Braille is “Grade 2” which means more than one symbol is combined per space, and that’s a little too complicated for me.

Similar business card holders from the same manufacturer run $15-20.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones Messenger Bag

This army olive messenger bag is relatively thin and unstructured, with a plastic adjuster on the handle.

Frankly it’s a bit underwhelming, and due to the price of this great bag, the maximum value I’d give towards it is about $20.

Alias Investigations is printed on the bottom. I’m not all together impressed by it. I want to say it will be great to add pins onto, but I think it may need some reinforcement if you’re going to add a lot of pins.

The Vintage Canvas B-15 Pilot Messenger Bag is the actual Jessica Jones bag, so shame on Marvel for even licensing the version in the box.

Alter Ego Batman Finders Keyper ($29.99)

This 10″ statue is sooo detailed! I suspect that Loot Crate is figuring out that DX subscribers want large, detailed statues.

This one features a glow in the dark keychain that pushes into place at the bottom of the statue.

This is a funny little detail – it’s a little power source that “charges” your keychain.

If you can’t be bothered to put the bat logo back, it also fits nicely on Batman’s head.

The glow in the dark is exclusive to the box – the regular one is black. This is a cool item, but I’m thinking we may design our own bat to stick in there (ours doesn’t fit perfectly and my 6 year old will probably steal it anyhow).

This box is hard to value for me this month. I loved the Batman statue and think the shirt is great, but the other items fell flat for me. However, even with the two items I liked there’s more than enough value there to cover the cost of the box, so overall I was happy with it, plus I’ll save the items I’m not into for gifting. I’m also super pumped to see the Guardians box next month already, so bring it on! (Also do note that due to the theme, the box is already selling out of many sizes!).

What did you think of Loot Crate DX this month?


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  • Red

    Glad I didn’t go with April. The overall value of the stuff – as well as the general quality – seems sub-par. I mean, the bag is a bad joke. The business card holder is an inside joke taken WAY to far; who even has business cards and could appreciate this item?