Bokksu March 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Bokksu is a premium snack box that features authentic Japanese snacks, as well as a tea pairing to go with it. The items are what you can’t easily find here across the pond, so trying them is a real treat and always a fun experience!

First look! The bright orange color of Bokksu makes me smile, that color is impossible to ignore.

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March is the most highly anticipated month of the year due to the blooming sakura and delicious Spring foods. The Japanese idiom Hana Yori Dango roughly translates to “food is better than flowers” and advises one to prefer substantial items such as food over decorative items such as flowers. We absolutely agree with this old idiom, which is why we’ve curated a blossoming assortment of sakura, strawberry, and plum snacks to help you celebrate the upcoming Spring renewal!

Sakura Rusk by Tokyo Rusk. Twice baked in the oven with sakura butter, you will enjoy the mild hint of cherry blossoms in this delicate baguette slice. This is like a shortbread butter cookie sprinkled with sugar, it’s absolutely delicious. I’m glad they can broken so I could savor them just a little bit longer.

White Strawberry by Qua. Each strawberry is first freeze-dried then soaked in white chocolate, giving it the perfect balance of soft and crunchy. Pure decadence is what these little treasures are, I can’t wait to find more so that I don’t have to share them with anyone.

Rufeel Baked Jam Biscuits by Bourbon. A thin layer of strawberry jam on this butter biscuit makes for a delightful dessert without being too sweet.

Ume Sable by Shoeido. Sable are made to be more buttery and crunchy than regular cookies. This ume flower-shaped sable contains finely chopped plum and shiso (perilla) leaves. The fruity sourness of the plum compliments nicely with the sweet taste of the butter cookie.

Sakura Saku Saku Senbei by Tsuboya. Sakura leaves are perfectly layered into this thinly backed senbei. Don’t be fooled by the pretty pink color though, the secret ingredient of chili pepper give this senbei a slight but pleasant kick. The sent alone was enough to make me not try this by my daughter and her friend had nothing good to say about this treat. My father on the other hand was pleasantly surprised by the unique flavor.

Pocky Midi Strawberry Fromage by Glico. These are cookie sticks covered in a creamy strawberry cheesecake and chocolate coating. They are a bit too sweet for me but my daughter ate the remaining all in one sitting.

Languly Strawberry by Ito Seika. This crumbly butter cookie infuses your mouth with a perfect blend of white chocolate and strawberry.

Ume Kobucha by Naniwa Konbucha Honpo. Ume Kobucha Tea is a traditional Japanese Spring tea that contains plum harvested from beautiful Wakayama Prefecture. Due to the slightly sweet and savory combination of plum, shiso leaves and kelp, it can be served either as tea or soup. Each packet contains just the right amount of tea grains for one cup. In my opinion this tea tasted like a salt water gargle, I couldn’t even manage to finish 4 ounces.

I loved the pink color that was incorporated in all the items packaging that really tied into the spring theme of the box. My favorite items were the white strawberries, they were amazing! It is such a treat to try these items that I may not normally get my hands on. I will say that over the month’s the senbei are my least favorite items but I still try to taste them each month. I love that Bokksu brings sweet treats to my door in a bright orange box and it continues to bring my family closer as we try these international delights. What a unique way to share another culture!

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