The Nick Box Winter 2016 Review

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The Nick Box brings back the most memorable 90’s Nickelodeon characters through a quarterly subscription box for $49.99 per box plus $7 shipping. Each box is filled with nostalgic goodies like plush, apparel, toys, and other unique items from famous Nickelodeon shows like Hey Arnold!, Rugrats, Catdog and a lot more.

The Winter 2016 box was the Live Action Box – it’s now sold out!

Fun “stickers” from the featured shows were on the outside of the box.

The inside and outside of the box is crowded with popular Nick characters and shows.

The information card contains a list of all the items included this quarter with the briefest of descriptions.

Do you see a favorite show yet?

Legends of the Hidden Temple Shrine of the Silver Monkey 3D Puzzle

Time for a Temple Run!

This fun desk accessory disassembles and you have to reassemble it to unlock the doors and make it to the next room!

So iconic! This is not a difficult puzzle, why was it so hard?!

Make Your Own Stick Stickly Kit

This is so weird and unexpected, but I made Stick Stickly anyways. I feel like sending him to his own PO Box in a weird, meta-experiment.

Clarissa Explains It All Stickers: As a 90s girl I just about rolled over and died for this item.

Clarissa Explains It All Notebook: Perfect composition notebook styling.

Great pink coil, lined inside!

Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Flashlight

I’m now a member of the midnight society! Batteries weren’t included – we always keep these rechargeables on hand – tested and it works great (nice strong LED bulb!).

Global Guts Guts Aggro Crag Statue

Finally, my own slime-green artifact!

Double Dare “Pick It” Nose Tissue Dispenser

As far as I’m concerned, the entire box could have been Double Dare.


There were some quality issues here, with out-of-place glue.

It worked for the first tissue, but everything tore. This was a fun concept but ultimately not useful.

Pete & Pete Hat

This Pete & Pete hat is warm and snuggy – but also unsized. It fit me just fine, and my husband, so we think probably 90% of adults will be ok with it. I rather liked the no-snap style! Plus it kept my head warm on a blustery day.

Petunia Tattoo


This says everything!

Good Burger Apron and Hat: What an odd item – if you want to pretend you’re working at Good Burger, here you go! I think the costumes/cosplay items in this subscription are a little odd, but at least it’s something different.

The Nick Box is a fun box with a ton of items. It’s hard not to compare it to Pusheen Box (produced by the same company) and the items aren’t quite as useful. In fact, the whole thing is a bit odd because it’s a giant ode to 90s childhood entertainment. But really, I can’t tell you how many hours I spent watching Double Dare. We want more!

Visit The Nick Box to subscribe or find out more!


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  • Jenny

    Odd box. A whole Double Dare box would be awesome. Did you see that Double Dare was coming back? Well I read it was or maybe it already did. Hmm I need to look into that and see. My boys would love watching it. I always think of DD when Noah made me watch wipeout which hasn’t been on recently either now that I think about it. Maybe it was cancelled too?